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March 11, 2008


Kambes and friends,

Your appearance on OTV with Dr Kuartei was a good start of a platform and discussion
that is long overdue. Dr Kuartei quoted articles in our constitution and was correct in doing so but may i suggest a brief history lesson here.  Our constitution was written with a strong influence from the US and one can easily tell by the type of government structure we operate in. We then proceeded to merge our traditional values and customs unto it and since its inception, these two pillars have conflicted many times over with no clear definition and to this day, even our leaders are clearly lost in between.

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May 30, 2007

A Giant of a Man!!

Our State of Melekeok and its people are in a state of mourning this week with a passing of our Speaker, Mr. Ubal Tellei. Words aren’t enough to describe this humble man and his contributions to our State’s development over the years. Men like him and my Father Ruluked Johanes, the departed Kodep Brell,Elechuus brothers,Thomas Tellei and many more will be remembered as the Founding Fathers of our State. Their hard work and contributions are what defines us as people and as a state. We respect and care about each other because they did, We are proud of our rich history and strong heritage because they did, We are now the nerve center of all of Palau because of their foresight and vision many years ago.

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