Alii and welcome to the launching of this long anticipated weblog A Le Ko Kau Forum. The idea of this weblog was borne out of the need to diversify the source of information and to add new voices to the public debate hopefully elevating the quality of discourse to the point where insights are refreshing and the sharing of ideas is done in an open and civil manner. All geared toward the betterment of our country. 

It is my belief that Palau can find solutions to its myriad of problems, you name it, the many social ills, corruption, environment, education, and so forth if the young Republic cultivates a healthy environment where free exchange of ideas is both respected and welcome. To create that setting, Palau like many societies must break out of the classic model where knowledge flow is stopped and administered by many news sources; newspapers, TV, radio, etc. And opinions are shaped by those who get to hold the “megaphone” where ideas that keep with current trends or political agendas received top billing, while unpopular – though necessary for innovation and social transformation – ideas are ignored. This quandary is made worse by the complete lack of a far-reaching platform that allows for multiple perspectives and facilitates passionate debates exploring virtually every facet of an idea or concept. Through such a platform of open conversation ideas are formed, nurtured and refined. It is for that reason that I hope this Forum becomes such a platform to break the stranglehold of opinions of those with the “megaphone” by increasing the number of voices to the dialogue.  

This blog is not going to be limited to what my interest lies in (which is pretty much everything) but I hope with contributions from guest authors and many in the community will make forays into arts, culture, politics, environment, law, technology, process, and business strategy, etc. Nonetheless, whatever I post here, or from a contributor to this Forum is being done in a spirit of good cheer and contribution. Let’s see if we can make things better, not worse. We’ll see how it goes.


Posted by Kambes (Administrator – A Le Ko Kau Forum)


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