Recent Discovery In Seaweeds Could Provide A New Industry For Palau

By Jackson M. Henry —-

A Feng Shui master who visited Palau in 2009 said, “The secret of Palau’s future prosperity lies under its blue ocean”. This prophecy could well come true soon with the recent scientific break through discoveries of certain healthy properties extracted from seaweeds by Dr. Haengwoo Lee which supposedly helps lower blood pressures and extend life up to extra 30 years.

Dr. Lee is a renowned Biochemist who lives near Seattle, Washington. After his massive 15 years and multimillion clinical research identified rare ingredients called Seanol and Calamarine in seaweeds that’s proven to be 100 times more powerful than any land based antioxidants. That is because they stay working in your body for 12 hours compared to land based antioxidants that work for only 30 minutes.

Scientists tell us that antioxidants are essential to life. They are molecules that terminate free radicals that cause damage in our body’s cells. They are used as dietary supplements to fight cancer, heart diseases and altitude sickness. They also have industrial uses in preventing the degradation of rubber and gasoline and to preserve food and women’s cosmetics. But for millions of people, antioxidant’s greatest value is its anti-aging function. Some call them, “fountain of youth”, because they are known to prevent facial wrinkles, hair graying and extend life longer.

The most common source of antioxidants are plant based food and Vitamin C. But with the discovery of Seanol and Calamarine in seaweeds, the new “golden boy” in health maintenance has switched to ocean based antioxidants.

Palauans were first introduced to healthy properties of seaweeds back in the 1920s during the Japanese administration. Nigiri sushi and other Japanese food mixed with seaweeds were then eaten by Palauans for the first time and many found them fascinating. Today, the love of Nigiri sushi is part of Palau’s culinary culture.

History shows that for centuries, Koreans and Japanese have traditionally eaten sea based vegetables. They have known the powerful health benefits of seaweeds and this could explain why they have the lowest rate of obesity, diabetes, breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease in the world. According to CDC in Atlanta, 1 in 3 US adults suffer from high blood pressure, which increase risk for stroke and heart attacks, the two leading causes of death in the US. With Palau now ranked as the 7th most obese nation, our lifestyle needs to be adjusted to healthy sea based vegetables and exercise.

Based on Dr. Lee’s research, Calamarine in seaweeds delivers the greatest concentration of Omega-3 and 85% more DHA to your heart, brain, joint and eyes. They combat fatigues, poor memory, joint pain and mood swings. Combined with Seanol and its whopping 40% lipid soluble, they penetrate three layers of your cells and helps restore blood pressure to normal level. Independent studies do show that sea based vegetables are 60% more potent that land based food.

Palau saw how Noni fever spread around Palau like wild fire. That is because any “magic formula” that restores good health is a marketing bonanza that millions of people will seek to purchase. So Dr. Lee’s scientific discoveries should also ignite the demand for seaweeds and ocean based vegetables from Palau blue oceans.

Palau, being blessed by abundance of pristine waters around it, should look into this potential multi-million industry that can boost employment and income for those in far flung states. Seaweeds are easy to cultivate and harvest around the lagoons of Palau for export purposes.

If you believe in the Chinese 4,000 year old system of gauging “positive energy flows”, then Dr. Lee’s scientific discoveries are the manifestation of that Fen Shui Master’s prophecy that indeed the secret to Palau’s wealth lay in the bottom of its oceans.

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