What is the answer?

By Santy Asanuma —-

I have learned at this point in my life that simple questions like this cannot be answered let alone satisfy everyone’s expectations or understanding who heard the same answer. This is the work of great philosophers (thinkers) of our times and ones before them who wrote principles in books that we use today to understand education, medicine, natural laws, engineering, justice, cooking, playing and games, diseases, space, sex, politics, social behavior, and even religion as we allow them to operate and affect virtually every aspects of human life. But most people like you and me are not like Galileo, Shakespeare, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, or Einstein. We have not the brains or time for this.

We have simple worries like coming up with money to pay for electricity, water and sewer, telephone and airtime, children’s needs, and to fulfill our cultural obligations in donating money to funerals because our names are being announced on radio every week. Thinking will only making these problems blow out of proportion (ng di mo diak dengai ngerekl er ngii) and only add to people’s already bad frustration (meringel a btelud e lomdasu). Nor do we have the time because we rather not spend any more time being in our problems and deadlines to pay these financial responsibilities are closing in one after another.

Basically, most of us come to a dead end with our problems. What do we do? Again a simple question but no one correct answer. Robbing a bank is an option but doesn’t look like a sure thing. And praying requires too much commitment to God. Most of the time good answers, likely than not, require thinking, action, and/or time from us. In short, they require work. That is why they are always not considered by most people. We need quick fixes just like alcoholics or drug addicts do. This becomes worse when bad leaders come in and play along this line to make the masses (rechad er a beluu) to think and believe that there is such a thing. We been trying to fix Palau with more money and now it requires even more money to re-fix the problems we started with. And at the end of the day the real problem our government faces is it does not have enough money. This will continue like a vicious cycle with no end.

This is dangerous because the reason and need for everything in our society will be the same-money. People and leaders will only function well and are happy when there is money. This has not worked before and will likely not work now or ever for any society. Money cannot be the need and at the same time the reason for how we life our lives. As evident, we have more crimes and violence due to money spent on alcohol and drugs; and now we need more money to police and put more control and peace into our communities today. People need more money so we give them minimum wage increase and then we tax them because our government needs more money to do it. You see how shallow and open to failure this approach is?

We must come up with better reason(s) or thinking. Writer Mathew Kelly says “The Catholic vision (osenged ra tara klebesei)…is not the sole responsibility of the Pope, or the cardinals and bishops. Your priest is not solely responsible for your parish’s vision. We each have a role to play in imagining and working toward a future for the church that will confound the skeptics and inspire the masses.” I would like to borrow from Kelly and say the same for Palauan people and how we should take action for our Belau. All people of Palau are responsible for this nation in our thinking. How about making Belau the best place in the world to live in?

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