Thank you, Oreor!!!

By Fuana Tmarsel —-

Happy Anniversary to Oreor and the people of Oreor!  Thank you for the many years you have given us a place on which to build our dwelling, to finish our elementary and secondary education. As a young child, Oreor was a place of fascination – where I first saw a motor cycle, a pick-up truck, and ice box. I remember the man on a motor cycle who sold red ice-keki and tama. As I look back on my childhood, I recall the trips my father took to Oreor. On the day of his return,  I would run to the hill and watch his boat approach our shore, expecting to hear news of Oreor. Little did I know that one of those days, I was to make a trip to Oreor to stay.

Each family has its own story of their migration to Oreor. Our family came due to my mother’s illness. I was still very young, fourth grade at Ollei Elementary school when my father took my mother in the boat to seek medical attention here. It was 1973, the old hospital was located at what is now Koror State building.   Mom stayed at the hospital for a long time. I was in school so I cannot come to visit her; however, one day my father took us to Oreor, to see her. When it was our time to return home, without mom, I got on the boat quietly and sat on the starboard trying to hide my tears. My father and brother started the boat and we waved goodbye to my relatives.

At such a young age, a life without mother was unbearable. My relatives at Honto were very nice and caring people, but a mother’s presence is not easily replaced. I couldn’t stop the tears as it flowed down, drenching the front of my dress. Perhaps it was my father’s instinct, but he told my brother to come and check on me and when he came, he found me crying my heart out. He called to my father and when my father saw that I was not to be comforted, he turned the boat around and brought us back to Oreor.

That was the beginning of our relocation to Oreor. Today, my parents have passed on, but here I am still making a home here. Perhaps, this comes very late, but as they say – better late than never. On this anniversary of People of Oreor, I want to dedicate this piece as a token of thanksgiving!

                Thank you, Oreor,

For the many years of support, acceptance and embrace!

Thank you, Oreor,

For giving us a home to stay and for not making us feel like foreigners in your land!

                                Thank you, Oreor,

For allowing us to find livelihood in this your beautiful land!

Words are insufficient to express the gratefulness in our hearts!

                                I pray that God will return to you and your children in manifold blessings of goodness,

Health and prosperity for the good things you have afforded to us.

May God bless you today and always!!!!!!

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