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August 29, 2013

Klaiuecholt A Oles (Uncivilized Palau)

By Santy Asanuma —-

This is the new way. Definitely it is not from Palauan origin but imported from the American “the Jones has it competition” and the cut throat corporate culture to promote self-interest (sel kmal di moungil er kau) with profit as the highest goal to reach. In Palauan principle, the beluu (community) well being is the highest goal and all individuals in the beluu have to contribute to it. As a matter of fact in this model, it is common that individuals will make great sacrifices to make it possible. People at times would give up their lands for community use or expend great amount of wealth for community feast (mur) that went on up to a week or even give up one of their men to be beheaded (blebaol) as ultimate price to pay to prevent war attack on their village.

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