A socially progressive budget

Tia Belau Editorial, July 19, 2013 —-  

The proposed fiscal year 2014 budget is socially progressive.

It is socially progressive because it is characterized by the focus it places on lessening the economic burden of many in the community, who are being besieged by the ever increasing cost of living.

The budget picks up from the fiscal year 2013’s $20 cost-of-living-allowance (COLA) by proposing a $25 COLA for fiscal year 2014 for the less well-off.

For those who are 60 years and older and are not working or disabled, this budget provides them  as pursuant by law, the subscription costs of their health insurance in the amount of $304,000.

In ensuring that water rates are commensurate with water quality in the rural states as well as providing economic relief to the drastic rate increase that began in 2011, the national government is providing $1,300,000 in subsidy for water and sewer operations.

To help those who solely depend on their monthly retirement checks, an amount of $450,000 is being proposed for paying the civil service pension plan beneficiaries $25 COLA.

It is a given that government agencies are allocated funding every fiscal year, but it is not a given that those who are struggling to make ends meet are provided relief by the government. And this budget does just that. 


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