By Fuana Tmarsel —-

Appetite is a God-given desire for food to fuel and energize the body. Fulfillment of these appetites or desires brings small pleasures. Actually appetites are varied with age. Babies’ desires are mainly to fulfill basic needs for love, safety, belonging, and physical touch. Need for love, safety and belonging is often satisfied with a touch, a full embrace, and words of affirmation, such as “I love you,” “I am proud of you” or you are awesome, etc. We need to know our child so that we can learn their “love languages”, hence fulfill their desire appropriately. But we need to remember, “what we feed grow, and what we starve dies.”

As we grow older our desires changes and so is the method of fulfillment. Our sense of belonging and identity can no longer find fulfillment at home. It is the age where hanging out with friends, dating, and marriage brings satisfaction. Our need for connection begin to demand physical intimacy and some give in to this desire readily and easily without much thought. Others seek for more permanent arrangement to ensure that such connection, as well as, other needs are continuously fulfilled; needs such as identity, belongingness, economic, safety and more.

Other appetites are fulfilled wrongly and we are faced with monstrous and ugly situations. Just think of our friends who beg on the streets for a cigar, a dime etc and rush for a beer or marijuana at every opportunity.  Their desires are no longer normal – they have become dregs to our society.

There are many like them, whose appetite have gone out of control and though they are able to hide, they suffer. I am talking about adulterous relationships between a married man and an unmarried woman or two married people. I mean – they are all over the place. These are men and women who have made commitments to others and yet constantly ogling another person.

My friend told me of a married man who paid for her drinks and then later came to their table for a dance. She thanked him for the drink, but refused a dance saying, if I am not mistaken we could be relatives. Embarrassed he apologized and then quickly left.  Actually she did not know the man, she just knew he was married and was disgusted with his behavior but did not want to be rude so she made up a plausible response to get rid of him. I happened to know this man had other children with two other women – product of his monstrous appetites that knows no boundaries. But often our society accepts these behavior, we even encourage them by being giving fulfillment to these appetites. Yea… I am not sure why I wrote about this except to perhaps say that what we feed grows and sometimes it grows so big it destroys as it has with our brothers and sisters at the street corners. This is just another abnormal diseases that plagues our world, from Palau to Americas to Europe, Asia and Africa it covers every continent. It is so huge everyone is affected by it, yet everybody is afraid to talk about it.

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