By Fuana Tmarsel —- 

After 13 years of calling myself a Christ follower, I seemed to have missed some crucial revelations.

Friends, as I have been greatly challenged, I also challenge you to consider these words. If you claim to be “saved” by the blood of Jesus, how are you responding to Him? Out of obligation? Out of courteousness? Out of shame? Out of performance? Out of condemnation? Out of skepticism? What is your daily response to being given the gift of not just existing, but existing as a free soul, set dead center in the most redemptive love story a perfect Creator could fathom?

It is almost as if having faith in Jesus demands a series of following beliefs. One of those is this idea that life, in its origin, process, and fulfillment, really is the most explosively beautiful story that a God with an infinite imagination could have possibly engineered, given all the time and resources He could invent. This is why only a mustard seed of faith directed towards the person of Jesus opens us up into a world that is only accessed through a child-like faith in the most pure expression of Fatherly love that this world has ever known. At times, it almost seems impossible to swallow, that such a beauty could actually be true, in the midst of a fatherless planet torn by wars and ravaged by the selfishness of humanity and the disunity of those who claim to represent this so-called far-fetched beauty. This Gospel sounds more like a scandal, a departure from justice, than it does an attainable lifestyle.

But what if you really did believe it? How would it affect every second of your life? What if the God of Adam was really a relatable being, and that we were actually made in his exact image for one purpose and one purpose alone: TO BE REFLECTIONS OF OUR CREATOR – To reflect the endlessness of His beauty, to freely receive the limitlessness of His love, and then to freely lavish it back on Him, and pour ourselves out for each other. The original design: to dwell in His presence forever. To lay in a field of spring grass and know Him intimately and to be known without secrets, yet loved unconditionally. This God, the one that knows us intimately, like really really intimately, has hid Himself in every atom of existence. Every hair is numbered and known, every blood cell is perfectly calculated, ever skin cell fully reproducible, and every molecule is uniquely constructed to serve a purpose. Every atom is pinched together, at its core, by the power of an omnipotent God. And that’s just the physicality. What about our inner person? Feelings and imaginations mysteriously linked to the supercharged firing of millions of synapses.

It’s at this point where the English language starts to miserably fail in attaining any sort of legitimate representation of the beauty of this life

The writing above was authored by my young friend, Tim. It has blessed and challenged me to ask the hard questions about my walk with GOD.  I pray that HE will speak to you through them.   God Bless.

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