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July 7, 2013

Oral Society Becomes Bengong (Mute)

By Santy Asanuma —-

Oral society is all about talking because there was no pen and paper. All of a society’s principles, teachings and proverbs, aspirations, norms, beliefs, values, traditional and customary practices, legends and folklores, skills and knowledge like fishing and agriculture, social clubs and cultural exchange (eldebechel ma klechedaol), land tenure and origin of the occupants, relationships and interactions like in mechesang connecting klauchad in geological network (nogikiu a rasech) and inter-clan (kaukebliil) system, diplomacy like resolving social conflicts and controversies (el ua tengakireng ma tebekel a deleuill ma olutel a mekemad ra delongelel a beluu ma beluu), art, religion, morality like what is right and wrong conduct, cooking like klengoesbelau ma uulechem el ngikel, building houses and canoes, and just about everything in between that we need to conduct our lives; and therefore, think of ourselves as Palauans. All these are part of daily discussion for them to have a strong place and importance in Palauan life.

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