Reckless Abandon

By Fuana Tmarsel —-

At this age, I find myself frequently taking a stroll down the memory lane; stopping to enjoy little exchanges with mom during my teens. I was 17 and she was 56 and would ask me to fetch her eye glasses so she can read. I would think to myself, “gosh, how can she not see the letters, she is really old! I was too young to apprehend the hardships of old age. Never even thinking that someday, I too would walk the same road. And today, here I am unable to read without the aid of eye-glasses.

I guess, I am just saying that like death, old age is the way of all the earth. It’s 12:55, Sunday afternoon, and like mom, I have been reading – because that’s what Sundays are for – relaxation and reading. In fact, I have just finished reading the story of David, the youngest son of Jesse who before becoming the second king of Israel was an insignificant shepherd boy tending his father’s sheep somewhere in Bethlehem.  Three of his eldest brothers were camping in the field some 15 miles away.

The father calls David from the fields and charged him with the task of taking the victuals to his brothers. When David reached the camp he found them hiding between the trees because some giant of a man named Goliath has screamed out a challenge which none had the confidence to meet.

Upon hearing Goliath’s threats, David’s spirit was stirred and he moved to shut him up. I paused to meditate at his reaction, “who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God,” David asked the Israelites soldiers.

David, though he was only 17, understood that unlike any other nations, Israel was chosen for himself. In other words, they belonged to God and He will protect them from all their enemies.

From somewhere in the fields tending the sheep, he had come to understand the love of God for him.  And out of this faith in God, David went out to meet his enemy, believing God will help. And He did, for as soon as David released the stone from his slingshot, the angel must have grabbed it and dunked it in Goliath’s forehead (I’m just saying).

At the prime of his life, he had a reckless abandon faith that glorified His God; it was this same reckless abandon faith that eventually landed him on the throne. I suppose the feeling was mutual.

David’s life account is a precious story of a shepherd boy turned King of a nation. God’s finger print is all over it.

Anyhow, I wonder if there are any Davids amongst us. Perhaps you are not 17, or maybe you are 56 – it really does not matter. God is still on the throne and that is reason enough to trust that He will make our tomorrow better if we trust in Him. (I am talking to myself!!!)

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