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June 26, 2013

Morikawa-san: a savior or a myth?

Words from Orakidorm —-  

Growing up in the village, I often heard stories about Mr. Morikawa, a Japanese soldier who was spying for the United States during the WWII. According to these stories, if it wasn’t for Morikawa-san, the war in Palau would not have ended and all the Palauans would have died in some electronically wired cave somewhere in Ngatpang. Perhaps, the tragedy of war, the horror stories of the process of “in-doctorinating” Palauans to Emperorolism, the “brainwashing” toward Japanalism led to the story of Morikawa, as Palauans were looking for a “savior” out of the tragedies of WWII.

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