Cell Call How Important Is It?

By Santy Asanuma —-

I thought I had heard them all. Recently, I was astounded (ng mlo mechas a renguk) of a cell phone ring like one of those self customized ring tones. It was a voice of a young girl saying, “Karrrinnng karrrinng karrinng” with such a strong intonation for the sound of each letter to literally stand out. I had not heard anything so irritatingly piercing the ear. I guess that was the whole point for the owner to quickly answer every incoming call. But he forgot that this annoying ring travels through the space around him and affected other innocent ears within an earshot. I wondered why anyone would make such a nerve shattering noise like that for a ringer just to get his attention.

Okay I have heard other ringers like whistling, popular Palauan songs that would make one like to get up and dance, and some plain rude cursing expressions (melius malechaub e ng melekoi a klebelung el tekoi). I am beginning to believe that, since cell phones today allow one to customize the ring tones, cell phone ringer can say a little of the owner’s attitude and personality. Now an equally important question for us to ask ourselves is are all these incoming phone calls that important? Must they answer each and every one of them right there and then?

I have seen people, while in formal meetings or talking with elders who hold traditional titles, pick up their cells and start talking. It is so unbelievably rude. But these people keep on talking over whoever is talking in such meetings irritatingly disrupting the flow of discussion. Moreover, they would abruptly stand up and take few steps away thinking that would solve the problem. It is, as if when these people talk on the cell phone, they become automatically in a vacuum of their own space where sound will not be heard by others. They would instantly talk to the person on the cell as if there is an unwritten mandate that the caller takes higher social status than the person(s) in front of them. So what is the proper etiquette? I know people are somewhat stunned and pretend that it is okay. It is definitely not.

All of a sudden the person(s) around these cell phone talkers do not know what to say and just look dumbfounded (ke de ko ra de teleu a ngerel e diak dodengei el kmo ke de mekerang). I hate being put in this situation. Really, is it necessary that these people be instantly contacted any second throughout the day? I can understand doctors and lawyers being expected to be on this standard and people who are on-call for work purposes. But I have seen people pick up their cell phones while inside the church. Who is more important than God that is possibly offering a better deal? The nerve of these people! Okay, cell phones are convenient but there is a need to set rules on their use and accepted behaviors.

I have a cell phone but will only answer the people that I am expecting calls from. Furthermore, I would not pick my cell if someone is talking to me. Or if I was not sure I would just excuse myself and pick up the cell. If it is not an urgent call, I just let the person know that I will call later. Most of the time, if I did not know the number calling me, it is likely that I will not answer. And best of all, when I am in a meeting I do not answer period. Be nice and skip the cell call until later.

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