The Big Question

By Fuana Tmarsel —-

Life is hard. Then you die. Then they’ll put you in the morgue for a few weeks while they discuss your funeral. Then they take your frozen body out and put you inside a coffin. Then your relatives, including those you had not known, come together to contribute money for the lunch etc… Then they nail the coffin shut, put you down in the 6ft foot hole they’ve dug; then throw dirt at your face and body. Then the worms eat you, till there’s nothing left, but bones.

For awhile your name may come up in conversations, or your widow/widower will make mention of you; but in time, she/he will meet another, and then you’ll just be a distant memory, that will soon be forgotten, except at some occasions. That is the whole of life as we know it. We are born to die! Many people are not convinced that there is life after death; some believe there is, but they live as if there isn’t so they try to acquire as much as they are able to possess.

For a small nation, Palau has had her share of funerals. People are dying all the time. And they are dying young. Many are dying in their 40’s and 50’s. Many of us were surprised to hear of their sudden demise.  Those close to them mourned, but life went on. But the big question remains? Do we know where we will be after the worms have eaten our body and the ground has swallowed us?

I heard a story that spurred me to ponder more on the subject. It goes like this: two men went to an island as tourist. They both wanted to explore the island and enjoy its beauty.They were advised that the safest and most enjoyable way to enjoy the island is to have a tour guide. One guy decided to accept the help of a tour guide who showed him the best routes to the various sites. The other man wanted to do it on his own. One day he got on the canoe and attempted to cross the channel to the other side. But because he was not familiar with the area he paddled into a strong current and before he knew it, he was caught in the current and drifted farther and farther away from the shore. Tired and hungry, he could no longer paddle and floated out to sea. He was lost. When the news of his disappearance reached the ears of the tour guide, he was concerned and decided to go looking for him. Knowing the ways of the sea, he figured his whereabouts by his understanding of the current and went out to rescue him.

Having gone through his bad experience, the man accepted the tour guide’s hand and was found. Like the lost man at sea, many of us go through life thinking that we can make it on our own, only to get caught in the big current of life and be lost. Some of us allow the bad experiences in life to lead us to acceptance of Jesus as our leader and Savior. Unfortunately not all of us have a secure future with Him because we still think we are good people! And believing we are good is not admissible at the door to heaven. The only way is to accept Jesus into our lives and lead us on this life and thereafter.  Ma next!!!!

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