An recommendation?

I have been using PNCC internet services since the internet age came to Palau in 1997. And any thoughts of changing to another service provider is not entertained or quickly brushed aside. That’s how loyal I am to a brand. 

But PNCC internet services have been at its worst lately. Last night I logged out with a little over an hour remaining on my Debusech Prepaid Card, but seems that I lost all my minutes after I logged in again later this afternoon.

I have had my minutes restored previously – but not after I have to call a technical support or walk into the downtown office to raise my issue – with the same experience. So I am hesitant again to file my complaint a third time.

At this point I am open to any suggestions. I’m currently a HomeNet user and at a time when I really need reliable service since last Friday, there’s been service interruption for the umpteenth time, much like tonight when writing this post.

Has anyone experienced both been a customer of HomeNet or Palau Telecoms, or any service provider in Palau who can give some guidance on this matter, particularly in the reliability of service. Or is it pretty much the same?

I’m drafting this post on Word document for copying it here for posting to prevent losing the entire post due to intermittent internet service.

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