Ng kmal di one…

Column from the forum pages of Tia Belau: A kora di melekoi (I’m just saying)…

By Gaafar Uherbelau —-

Last week we talked about all the wonderful excuses, oh sorry, “reasons” why we don’t exercise on the streets. This week ask yourself this: how many times have you told a friend or family member that you’ve decided to quit chewing or decided to go on a diet and they look at you like you’re crazy?

How many times have YOU been that friend or family member that says, “Quit? Diet? Are you serious? Why? Stop fooling around and just chew this last one or have this last soda. It’s just one.”

Now I don’t know if this type of family or peer “support” is reverse psychology or not, but we tend to apply it when someone actually needs our support but it doesn’t seem to help.

The youth nowadays say that peer pressure and the need to feel accepted is what leads them to develop bad habits. Maybe this is also the case for adults but we don’t realize it. For example, maybe someone wanted to cut down on eating mayonnaise but everyone else in the office is eating it for lunch so they eat it just to fit in with the crowd. Maybe someone wanted to save fifty dollars for something special but everyone else will be going out clubbing so they end up going and spending the money just to avoid being left out or worse, negatively talked about.

I think it’s in our culture that we naturally want to help and support others. But somewhere along the way some of us take a turn and lose that care that we have for others and ultimately lose the care we have for ourselves. Somewhere along the way we forget that whatever bad habit we have is also bad for others and vice versa – what’s bad for others may also be bad for us.

Maybe it’s the Palauan competitiveness we have that makes us a bad influence on others and maybe our pride makes it hard for us to admit that anyone including ourselves can be prone to sickness or financial crisis. Maybe sometimes we need to try and be a positive influence to those in need to realize that we ourselves need support from others from time to time.

So maybe the next time someone tells you they are going on a diet you can say to them, “Really? Are you serious? Have this last soda. Ng kmal di one. Ak di fake. Bai di molim a ralm em save udoud.”

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