Pain of Discipline or Pain of Regret!

By Fuana Tmarsel —-

There are many approaches to life depending on our faith and background. Recently, my young friend, Tim introduced me to a new philosophy. He said, “Fuana, it’s the pain of discipline or the pain of regret; either way you are going to have pain in your life. You just have to decide which pain you want it to be – the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret.” He admits the idea came from his boss; nonetheless to me it put things in perspective.

Personally, pain of discipline simply means enduring through various challenges in life despite the hardships each may present.  It can be the difficulty of waking up at 6am in the morning to face another day at school, or starting the research paper due next week, or conquering stage freight; worse yet walking through a broken relationship and honestly dealing with stings of bitterness, grief, and anger, while at the same time offering forgiveness every step of the way. In other words, pain of discipline is the pain we face when we work hard for something – whether it be a good grade, a secure future a good relationship, or a life of freedom with GOD. We elect to endure the transitory pain for a permanent profit.

Pain of regret, on the hand, is living in the present with regrets of the past.  Regrets may have come because we could have sent flowers on Valentine’s, but instead we opted to save money. We could have persevered and woke up to attend the mass/church service, but instead we pulled the blanket and slept for another hour. We could have stayed up late to study and pass the test, but instead, we elect to hang out with friends outside Topside Kadi Mei and did not prepare for the exam, only to regret our decisions which led us further from our goal.

Pain of regret may also involve taking people for granted only to regret not having spent more time with them when they were alive, or failure to express love through our words, and actions. I understand this well because I failed miserably when my parents were alive. And now I wish, I could have spent more time with them, or expressed my love and thankfulness for loving me unconditionally. Unfortunately, I came to realize this too late. And hope that in sharing my own regret, people will begin to shower their loved ones with more love; after all who can refuse love when it comes from the heart. This may be something that is hard to do because of the many lies we have been brought up to believe, but more and more I believe that when we show the right heart, God will teach us the right way to take. And God’s way higher than our ways, His thoughts above our thoughts. Come to think of it – I believe that God’s ways  involves pain of discipline and zero pain of regrets.   … Bless you!!!

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