Children’s Behavior is Parenting Report Card

By Fuana Tmarsel —-

I watched the public hearing on Minimum Wage legislation on television and was surprised by the turn out. Either the Bill does not affect that many people, or those who are affected, are not concerned enough to voice their important opinions. OR, they are apolitical. In any case, it was the businessmen who fear the impact on the bank account and raced to advise the lawmakers to take small steps (.25cents at a time), take it slow, (don’t raise it so high like .50 cents at a time) and to take time (see if it works before you enact such a raise).

And so it is that important decisions must be intentional and approached with some planning as minimum wage. The issue of child-rearing for instance. Potential parents must not assume the role by impulse or “accident”. Instead parenting is a step that should be taken seriously and with much forethought.  I wrote the following awhile back while I was a teacher having observed that many parents today are neglecting the needs of their children and allowing them to raise themselves, or with a Filipino maid who is only concern in providing for her children back home, but not the child before her every day.

Participation in the workforce by both parents have made it impossible for them to provide the much needed time to hear their concerns and interests or prepare that home-made meal interspersed with a touch of love, a sprinkle of tenderness and a stroke of fondness – the kind we grew up with, yet without the economic success we boast today. These necessities are superseded by video games, MTV, I-pods, and the maid – rewards of modernity and development.  As a consequence, many of our children have traveled the world via television while ensconced in their living room floor ingesting junk foods and sugared drinks. They are bombarded daily by the glamour of Hollywood, that emphasizes the quenching of physical impulse while denying the important role of morality in building a happy life. The technology that they enjoy gives rise to circumstances in which it is increasingly difficult for them to remain good. Why? It is hard for them to maintain childlike innocence when they are exposed to gyrating females and crotch-grabbing males in music videos with songs billowing profanity and expletives each time they flip channels.  As we push forward toward development and heterogeneity of ideologies, I hope that as parents we will take time and help our children navigate the vast and confusing world of information, and disinformation, morality and immorality, opinions and truth, so that we can prepare them to emerge as responsible adults who will benefit from economic success that our leaders are preparing for us, instead of being ruined by it.

Parents need to realize that much of these technologies do not have to be had at a young age. They can wait till they are adults to have laptop, cell phones etc. When children receive love at home, they will give love instead of violence, when they receive understanding at home, they will grant forgiveness, when they are heard at home, they will seek to understand when others make mistake, when they are disciplined at home, they will behave well under all circumstances. Our society’s problems are really problems of many homes spilling over in our streets and by-ways. Perhaps it is time to have public hearing on parental responsibility for public vices – afterall, social problems are draining our economy.

One Comment to “Children’s Behavior is Parenting Report Card”

  1. Hi Fuana. It’s me John J. You write good articles. This is a second one I red and i have to say your are such a good writer. thanks for sharing. say hi to anko Richard.
    love you all

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