RPPLs of the 8th Republic Government

Tia Belau Editorial, February 21, 2013 —-

The following are the 57 public laws that were enacted into law by the last government, which was the 8th Republic Government.

Although the number of laws may appear less as compared to the preceding governments, but some of these laws contain what use to be “riders” that may not be relevant to the main body but just as critical public policies for government to dispense its duties.

Others laws, however, are merely budget related that are a given every year, including supplemental budget, more supplemental budget, and continuing budget authority.

But here are the laws for your information.

  • RPPL No. 8-1: To amend the Uniform Compensation Act (Setting the compensation of the Senators and Delegates of the 8th Olbiil Era Kelulau at $50,000)
  • RPPL No. 8-2: 2009 Annual National Budget Authorization and Appropriation Act (To authorize and to appropriate the sum of $58,350,987)
  • RPPL No. 8-3: Palau National on Early Childhood Act
  • RPPL No. 8-4: To add Peleliu and Angaur as official ports of entry for Palau
  • RPPL No. 8-5: To restore certain Social Security benefits
  • RPPL No. 8-6: To authorize payment by the PPUC of the National and State government power bills
  • RPPL No. 8-7: Law establishing Palau Language Commission
  • RPPL No. 8-8: FY2010 Budget Act (Authorize $56,557,099 and appropriate the sum of $53,709.000)
  • RPPL No. 8-9: Enact a new provision to allow state governments to impose penalties that the state deems appropriate for violation of state laws, to permit the nat’l gov’t to obtain a line of credit, collection of “green fee”
  • RPPL No. 8-10: To extend BLS deadline on surveying and monumentation; to restore the 30-year mandatory service retirement provision
  • RPPL No. 8-11: Appropriate $500,000 from proceeds of Mega Bank Loan to fund 2010 Micro Games; $135,419 to MOH to hire nurses
  • RPPL No. 8-12: To provide for jury trials
  • RPPL No. 8-13: Food and Drug Safety Act of 2009
  • RPPL No. 8-14: Establish Medical Savings Fund and provide Palau Health Insurance System
  • RPPL No. 8-15: FY 2010 supplemental budget; salary increase for President, Vice President, and Ministers
  • RPPL No. 8-16: TO increase penalties associated with removal, theft, damage, or destruction of historial sites, tangible property, and lagoon monuments
  • RPPL No. 8-17: Establish Open Ship Registry
  • RPPL No. 8-18: FY 2011 Budget
  • RPPL No. 8-19: Palau Condominium Property Act of 2010
  • RPPL No. 8-20: National Capitol Complex Tax Free Zone Act
  • RPPL No. 8-21: Additional Pachinko Concession and Internet Digits Contracts
  • RPPL No. 8-22: Establish public referendum for casino gaming
  • RPPL No. 8-23: Impose 5-year moratorium on the taking of hawksbill turtle
  • RPPL No. 8-24: Amendment to Line of Credit, as amended by RPPL No. 7-53 and No. 8-9
  • RPPL No. 8-25: To delete the requirement that the Ship Registry Administrator be an employee of the Ministry; $200,000 supplemental appropriation for Pacific Games
  • RPPL No. 8-26: Statistics Act of 2011
  • RPPL No. 8-27: To adopt measures consistent with the objective of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
  • RPPL No. 8-28: $2,000,000 minimum capitalization for foreign bank subsidiaries operating in Palau
  • RPPL No. 8-29: FY 2011 Supplemental Budget Act
  • RPPL No. 8-30: Palau Water and Sewer Loan Approval Act
  • RPPL No. 8-31: The Water & Sewer Corporation Act of 2010
  • RPPL No. 8-32: To create a penalty for failing to report an incident of child abuse
  • RPPL No. 8-33: TO clarify that the hotel room tax applies to paying guests of hotels
  • RPPL No. 8-34: National Power Plant Emergency Act (enacted under State of Emergency)
  • RPPL No. 8-35: To authorize and appropriate the sum up to $3,000,000 for emergency operations, and emergency capital improvement projects and disaster relief (enacted under State of Emergency)
  • RPPL No. 8-36: To enact National Petroleum Revenue Management and Sharing Act
  • RPPL No. 8-37: The Petroleum Act for the Republic of Palau
  • RPPL No. 8-38: To allow for the recording of radio and television broadcasts in formats other than tapes
  • RPPL No. 8-39: Palau Net Metering Act of 2009
  • RPPL No. 8-40: FY 2012 Budget Act
  • RPPL No. 8-41: To prohibit the manufacture, sale, purchase, or possession of lasers
  • RPPL No. 8-42: Secured Transactions Act of 2011
  • RPPL No. 8-43: To establish summer internship program to encourage who study abroad to return to Palau
  • RPPL No. 8-44: To allow for the cultivation of certain species of crab
  • RPPL No. 8-45: To exempt operators of motorbike with 50cc engine or less from helmet law
  • RPPL No. 8-46: FY 2012 Supplemental Budget Act
  • RPPL No. 8-47: To equitably divide all revenue derived from licensing foreign vessels
  • RPPL No. 8-48: To allow governor of Koror State to appoint the members of the Koror Planning Commission with the advice and Consent of Koror State Legislature
  • RPPL No. 8-49: To provide discounts for senior citizens; to authorize and appropriate $1,958,800 (second supplemental for FY2012)
  • RPPL No. 8-50: To promote use of Palau’s official language in outdoor advertising signs; enact Continuing Budget Authority
  • RPPL No. 8-51: Palau Family Protection Act
  • RPPL No. 8-52: Super Typhoon Bopha Emergency Funding Act (enacted through State of Emergency)
  • RPPL No. 8-53: To exempt actions by the Act – RPPL No. 8-52 – from provisions of EQPB Act, Historical Preservation Act (enacted through State of Emergency)
  • RPPL No. 8-54: To reduce the annual license fee to operators of Virtual Pachinko Concession or Internet Lottery Game Business
  • RPPL No. 8-55: To mandate the instruction of written Palauan Language at every school in the Republic
  • RPPL No. 8-56: To amend RPPL No. 8-52 to include additional sources of funding (enacted through State of Emergency)
  • RPPL No. 8-57: To increase the penalties for killing or causing injury to a dugong or possessing or selling any dugong parts or products

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