Water Supply Improving

It’s 1:30 am Monday morning and I just got home from overseeing the paper finalized and go to print. I’m glad I was done early to save me about 2 hours of reading time before bedtime.

And yes, my hours have been reoriented to follow the newspaper operation hours. That is on the average I sleep 5 hours and reading, writing, reporting, the other 19 hours.

But that is not the reason for this post. A most remarkable thing happened today, I mean this early morning hours. There was no water outage or low pressure at my house which defied the norm. Water is blasting out of the shower head that I have not seen before in my over six years living at my present residence in Madalaii.

Water purifier attached to my kitchen faucet is filtering water faster saving so much time just to fill-up water containers.

Whether this is a trial run or return to regular 24-hour water is not clear, however, what we do know and grateful about is that genuine effort is being made to restore uninterrupted public water supply back to the people.

Thanks for everyone at PWSC, BPW, and CIP.




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