Wishing you Love on Valentine’s Day

By Fuana Tmarsel —-

Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, so here’s wishing you a very Happy Valentine! With that, I thought it would be appropriate to explore the idea of love. Not only romantic love, but love in general. Love is defined as having intense feeling of deep affection. Love is not infatuation and it is not lust though lust and infatuation may contain the same element of intense feeling of affection. Love endures. It is patient and kind even when it is not rewarded. Love forgives and does not keep record of wrongs. Lust, on the other hand, is fleeting and infatuation is short-lived. Lust, like infatuation, is impatient and may turn sour when unrequited. One of my favorite quotes about love is from H. Jackson Brown Jr. author of Life’s Little Instruction Book. He said, sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. This is special because true love is able to see and appreciate the beauty within a person and seeks happiness for that person, whether or not they reciprocate.

According to Greek philosophers, there are four types of love.  The first is phileo or philos which is the love feeling between friends, brothers and family members. This is also platonic love, as it is devoid of romance or at least an attempt at it. The second is storge – this is the love that mothers and fathers carry for their children (and I think vice versa). The children do not have to be good-looking, smart, successful etc to receive this love, but they are loved for the mere fact they are the children. This is the same way with children; they love their parents despite their parents’ weaknesses. The third type of love is eros. This may be derivative of Eros, the god of love who was the son of Aphrodite (goddess of love) according to Greek mythology. Then we have agape love which is the love most often spoken of in the Bible. Agape is unconditional and sacrificial love, exemplified by God when He gave His son Jesus to be atonement of our sins.

The word love appears more than 300 times in the bible. We can, therefore, postulate that God who inspired the Bible desires us to know His love for us despite our sinfulness. Apostle John encourages us to love (agape) one another. Those who have experienced the love of a father, and our Father in heaven are better equipped at love, because rejection or appearance of rejection does not necessarily threaten their self-worth. Others deficient of paternal affection and love need help at love.

In any case, we all need love in great measure for love is basic foundation for life. We need love to maintain our familial kinship, we need love to keep our friendships, to kindle our romances, and most of all to preserve our species. It is love that gives us a reason to keep on living. And so for this Valentine give love to those around you, for you never know whether or not they will be here the next Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s to you and your loved ones.


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