For my first post of the year, I wanted to republish my poem Omengat. It was originally published with the title Ngasech in the now defunct Palau Horizon Newspaper in 2006.



It’s 2:00 p.m

sweltering day

live band music plays

tents upright to shade and cools

payday weekend people galore

all await for the signal

ulitech align the ground

and out of the bliukel

steadily guided by the mesurch

skin polished yellow with reng

dark hair blungt and radiant

omketelel garnished with plant life

lips painted mungungau

ears bejeweled of cheluib

udoud laced around her neck

a flash of klikm defy

sprakling drips twinged the eyes

elbow folded high at the chest

supporting the naked breast

right arm holds flowers

btekel tight around the tummy

cheriut extends below the knee

barefooted on the mat

standing front and center

and so it commence


all eyes watch expectantly

dollars hoisted between the fingers

dance, laughter, and jollity

kilulei, kilulei, kilulei…

no hip, back, and joint pain

and no complain

the young mother tries to keep up

hips swaying side to side

meriou, meriou, meriou…

under the searing afternoon sun

horde after horde

emerge from under the shades

tang, orung, odei…

backs hunch to bathe the feet

of healing herbal water

stills, videos, all angles on record

forty-five minutes in all

exhausted young mother whisked away

but the show carries on

by the merry men and women

until the cooler bottoms out

A chedilek-eang!

then lull takes place

the young mother and child

are fast asleep

quite now!

Copyright 2006, Kambes Kesolei


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