Resolutions for 2013

Tia Belau Editorial, December 31, 2012 —-

It’s that time of year for you to decide how you can change yourself for the better. Yes, it’s that time for resolutions.

Your resolution might be to improve your health by quitting tobacco and betelnut. Maybe you want to ride your bicycle more or to spend more time with your family. Perhaps you want to read more books and watch more movies.

All though all of us can come up with our own list, but what about making resolution not for yourself but for other people. I mean wouldn’t you want your newly elected leaders to do in 2013.

With that in mind, here is my list of New Year’s resolutions for our elected leadership.

I, President Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr., hereby resolve to follow through on my promises to provide an accountable and transparent government, open my administration’s finances to scrutiny, and provide my employee roster with their salaries.

In addition, I will also immediately appoint a new person for the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

Ensure that water and sewer crisis will be a thing of the past.

I will also work immediately to bring fiber optic to enhance and grow our economy through the power of information technology.

I will again reiterate my promise to you, there will be no real “Matakui” revolution unless I reduce my salary, and that also goes to the salary of my ministers and OEK members.

I, Vice President Antonio Bells, on the first day in office resolve to be the Voice of the Voiceless and to bring us Back To Basics.

And that means I will strengthen law enforcement and the safety and security of the people of this country by making sure that the Office of the Attorney General is removed from politics and to act in an impartial manner in rendering top prosecution on behalf of the government.

I will immediately work to bring formal closure to the two missing police officers, the pilot, and events surrounding the Chinese poachers who started it all in Ngeruangel conservation area.

I promise that no more police beatings in custody and no more jail escapes.

I, Senate President Camsek Chin, resolve to bring immediately the proposed measure to increase minimum wage to the floor on the first official session of the 9th Olbiil Era Kelulau and to ensure its passage.

I will make sure that BFF (Belau Family First) will be articulated into a more understandable and workable policy.

I promise to show you how to be a team player with integrity who is qualified, committed, and ready to listen.

I will push for laws that will help Palauans survive and thrive in our island.

And I will be more dedicated to the financial well-being of the Palauans.

I, Speaker of the House of Delegates Sabino Anastacio, resolve to fix the long running problem at the Melekeok Wastewater Treatment Plant.

I will make sure that any travel off-island under auspice of the House of Delegates will be made public and to require trip report of the individual delegates.

I can assure you that funding won’t be cut for school hot meals and books.

I will work to protect the civil service pension plan by ensuring that remittances are made on schedule. Ditto on Social Security. And ditto again on Health Care Fund.

And lasty, I promise that practice of wasteful spending will cease to exist like the Delegates Christmas Party this year that costs over $3,000.00, especially when many Palauans are still rebuilding their lives back to normal after the natural catastrophe. As a commitment of my leadership on transparency, I will make the invoice public for all too see.


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