Goodbye 2012 – Welcome 2013

By Fuana Tmarsel —-

Encapsulating the year 2012 is not easy, given the limited time I have. But if it was a novel it certainly be action-packed adventure thrill with a double climax and unfinished plateau.  The nation entered 2012 with the Congress wrestling each other on the Budget Bill  –  passed March 2012. Of course there were those supplementals that came thereafter.  While the discussion on the Budget was rocking the Congress chambers,  Alan Seid, business man and legendary public figure, filed a case against the President regarding his declaration of the state of emergency after the fire at Aimeliik Power Plant.

The Valentine month was loyal to its name. Love was certainly in the air when Palau once again captivated the globe with the release of “The Last Reef: Cities Beneath the Sea,”   I have not had the opportunity to watch the whole film, but the movie synopsis showing Palau’s underwater splendor is mesmerizing for it truly captures the awesomeness of our infinite Creator.

As the Congress readied itself for passage of 2012 Budget, the new Board of PPUC began conducting public hearing throughout the 16 states regarding tariff increase, which took effect the 1st of October. Resolution to use $4 million from ADB loan toward a purchase of used optic cable reached the House.  Frankly, the authority to reprogram and divert fund away from its original intention is treacherous for Palau future, yet one road that seems to have been taken perhaps, one too many times – ergo the trouble with Pension and Retirement “heist”.

April 2012 was blemished by the loss of 2 of Palau’s best Police Officers. The nation grieved in confusion as Department of Public Safety, Ministry of Justice stumble over their inability to respond to crisis of such magnitude.   To make matters, one of the Chinese nationals demanded monetary compensation for the use of excessive force on their relatives. Makes you wonder! By May, Palau Airways began direct flights from Taipei to Palau and there our connection with Taipei is fortified.

September brought the nation came to a halt with the brutal attack on two Palauan young men; one of whom died later.  Such cold-blooded brutality traumatized the people of every family, gender and age. In October, Christians took to the streets proclaiming Jesus’ name in the Palau for Jesus March.

By this time Campaign was intense – reds and the blues were taking the streets daily, three times a day as if their lives depended on it, and in hindsight, they are – ralleys, the ads, and the talk shows. “Ngar eungel a Matakaui”, became a household phrase, and brought solidarity to the grassroots populace – who went to the Polls in November and sealed the course of events for 2013 – placing new president, and vice- president and the rest will soon be history.

Palau 2012 adventure reached its zenith with the threat of Typhoon Bopha compelling Palauans in Palau and outside to join together in prayer to the Father for safety of the island. He delivered.  Indeed it was His mercy that saved Palau. What a great way to end the year – recognizing that indeed God came to the aid of this helpless nation and protected it from harm.

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