Palau In History: Typhoon Sally hits Palau

Micronesian Reporter
DEC- FEB. 1966, 1967

Koror Devastated. . .

Typhoon Hits Palau

Deaths and destruction followed the path of Typhoon Sally as she struck Koror, Palau, about 1 a.m. on Thursday, March 2. Three persons—14-year old Rosania Hosei of Koror and Mrs. Aot Siangldeb of Airai and her 2-year old daughter — were crushed to death under their crumbling homes during the storm. More than 50 others were injured and taken to the district hospital. 

The 90-mile-per-hour winds leveled most of the native homes and government facilities as -power lines and the water system were destroyed or shut off. All government facilities suffered some damage; some buildings incurred up to 80 percent destruction.

Typhoon Sally’s intensity and fury came completely unexpected to the islands as the weather had been normal with a small steady breeze from the northwest. Just before midnight, the wind velocity increased to 42 knots with gusts to 65 knots. (A typhoon contains winds of 60 knots, or about 65 miles per hour.)

At 1 a.m. the wind came from the south at 90 miles an hour. According to local people, the peak of the storm lasted forabout 35 minutes; the total storm about one and one half hours. During that short time,buildings and crops were leveled with roads becoming impassable, electricity being shut off, and the communications station antenna being toppled. Rains did not accompany the winds but began pouring just before dawn.

Out of 935 homes, only 162 were livable immediately after the typhoon. More than 400 homes sustained between 80 percent damage to total destruction; 235 were totally destroyed. Most small businesses were completely wiped out with the larger firms receiving up to 80 percent damage to their property.

One Comment to “Palau In History: Typhoon Sally hits Palau”

  1. Thank you, administrator and all. Unfortunately, the projected winds for Supertyphoon Bopha significantly exceed those of Supertyphoon Pongsona which hit Guam in December 2002. They also exceed those of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

    Please take all precautions. If you know anyone not taking this seriously, we have several hours before the curfew so please convince all to board up and/or seek designated shelter immediately. Do not take any chances. I was on Guam when Pongsona hit in 2002 and the calm before the storm in Palau now is identical to the one that preceded Pongsona then. Please take all measures to secure people and property.

    Let us all join in prayer for our people and our nation. Also, let’s be prepared to help in the recovery efforts as best we can. This may well be a major challenge in our nation’s history.

    Please, all, stay safe and keep praying.

    God Bless and Keep Us.

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