Palauans Should Vote For Candidates Who Are Skilled In Filling Our Nation’s Purse

By Jackson Henry —-

Miners agree that to find a piece of gold nugget, you need to level the whole mountain down. But it is the only way to mine for gold.

Voting in Palau is analogous to gold mining because, to find a grain of truth, the voters need to shift through the mountains of propaganda and overwhelming political clutters.

I take the position that this 2012 General Election is one of the most pivotal “Crossroads” in Palau’s history. The economy is our central issue and filling up our nation’s kitty should take precedence over our housekeeping matters. This election is our time to elect the right leaders who can bolster Palau’s revenue base in preparation of the termination of Compact II. If our next leaders squander this opportunity, then the year 2024 could well be our doomsday. Year 2024 is indeed Palau’s proverbial “Fiscal Cliff”. Therefore, the voters need to wise up and look “beyond the trees to see the forest” and vote the right candidates into office who have precise economic programs for our future.

Voters should vote with a clear conscience, not only for themselves, but for the whole nation and the future generation of Palauans. Palau’s future economic security could be threatened if our voters vote carelessly on diversionary matters. As a Ruback emphasized, “I vote for candidates who can bring in the biggest fish and that $250M is a big fish that we cannot afford to loose”.

Americans have advised their voters that, “waving the red, white and blue to hype the people in the name of patriotism will not cut it”.  Palauans also should be aware of the power of patriotism that may influence one’s thought processes. It is important to look at the candidates’ performance, their accomplishments and their strategies in building a robust economy and stable nation for the future.

It is also acceptable for the voters to be outraged over corruption, lack of transparency, and fiscal mismanagement. Palauans should not tolerate mediocrity. As the saying goes, “its not a questions of how the criminals got into office, it’s a question of why voters put the criminals in high offices”. Innocent bystanders or simple ignorance is no excuse.

There is a saying that “pain and misery are great teachers………until we forget them”. There is fear that pain and misery sometimes motivate voters. But resigning to futility is no way an option for Palauan voters. We must be educated on the pressing issues of the day and to keep the economic momentum moving forward.

Voters must also not be distracted by “housekeeping” matters like the SP, internal budget matters and other operations issues. The economy is still our #1 priority. With our nation’s purse filled up, then all other social programs, infrastructures, education, medical and retirement funds will be financed in a heart beat.

In a democracy, the ballot box is the most powerful tool the people have to shape the future. This election year, let us vote for those who will help push Palau’s economic progress move forward, not backward.

Let us not forget what William Simon said, “Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who did not vote”. Educate yourselves on the issues and send the good ones to Ngerulmud this November.


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