Time For Another Debate

Tia Belau Editorial, October 11, 2012 —-

With the names of the presidential and vice presidential candidates for the November 6 general election now decided, it is time the voters see the candidates move to a more substantive policy discussions – another debate worthy of this country.

Political debates are rare public events that put candidates to the test for their grasp of public policies, their intelligence, poise and characters under the eye of public scrutiny.

Since the debates of last August 15 and 16, the candidates have resorted back to their comfort zones of campaigning on television, radio, newspapers and conducting village visits, but yet devoid of detailed plans and policies on how to move forward on many of the challengers facing the country.

Rallies, barbeques and lunches have also been the strategy of choice used to reach out to the voters, but nothing that would come close to any serious political discussion.

Sadly, general voters still lack the understanding of the candidates’ economic policy platform. Where does the development of our telecommunication –  fiber optic falls in the area of priorities; the plans to improve the decaying water and sewer infrastructure; how to fix our ailing government pension system, health and education, and many others.

Most candidates, especially the presidential candidates have offered virtually no detail — beyond their mantra of increase of minimum wage, getting control of the deficit problem, high cost of living, and the many social ills befalling our community, and etc.

Voters wants to see a president succeed, and who brings a tremendous amount of competency, character and intelligence to the challenge.

None of the conversation around this election has focused on what each candidate would accomplish in the next four years.  The campaign has focused on disclosing alleged record of wrongdoings of each candidate.

It would do so much good for our democratic process for the public to see the presidential and vice presidential candidates debate each other at least one more time before the election.

Let’s employ the format used by the U.S presidential debate commission where 15 minutes is allocated for each of the 6 topics, with candidates allowed certain time for opening statements and response, and with the moderator using the remaining time for more discussion of the subject matter.

How about it?


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