The Caliber of a Father (Father’s Day 2012)

By Santy Asanuma —-

The father can only be important if he is useful since the beginning of time. Imagine a caveman who could not wield (meduch el ousbech) a club to kill an elephant for the cavewoman. Oh, and elephant back when was three to five times the size of modern day elephants. Untold number of men never made it back to their cave homes after these elephant hunting trips. The poor guy had to throw himself directly into life hazards just to make it to the list of important things of the day. Then fighting elephants just to put basic protein source on the table was not enough danger the poor guy had to dig devilish holes into the darkness of the earth just to get to the black coals for the wife to cook with or be toasty during cold nights. Up to this day many men continue to be buried in these coal mining abysses and never to be recovered.

Men have managed in the history of mankind to create cumbersome (chetituokel) tasks just so their importance will not decrease or move down on the list. Head hunting must have been so grotesque (ng kmal mengelngalek el tekoi) for women to even dream in joining a party of men on such expeditions. In some cultures, men would tie their ankles and hurl themselves off a platform several stories high straight to the ground to the horror of the poor women. Little wonder women had no interests or the slightest inclination to join these bizarre rituals that men subjected themselves to. “Mano-a-mano” sort of an attitude continued to thrive and provided an exclusive “men-thing” culture in creating the delineation (olitechel) between men and women to ensure that women would recognize their men. Men had it their way then.

Today in the IT era things may not be that easy for men. The technology of the modern age had made it possible for women to join men in just about every task there is to do. Nowadays feminine napkins are standard issue among US military supplies. The other day I read magazine sporting women with bulging muscles that can easily intimidate an average man and endless articles pointing and promoting the idea of an independent woman. Regardless how politically correct this statement sounds it can only imply that women do not have to depend on men. There are now women mechanics, pilots, steelworkers, fire fighters or police officers, astronauts, soldiers, lawyers, senators, prime ministers, doctors, engineers, plumbers, and even transvestites. There are no more exclusive turfs where men can be men these days like their cavemen counterparts of the past.

Even the home gadgets today do not need tools for adjustments. Most of the gas stoves have handheld adjustment knobs and moving parts easy for women to fix or easy assembly type appliances. “Require-no-men” seems to be the thought behind the technology today. The computer also has its self repair programs virtually requiring no tools at all. Even sex has become unisex. Marriage is happening between and among women requiring no men. If there has been development in humanity, it is women who have improved and increased their functions and roles.

That as it may, I truly embrace this day Father’s Day if it is going to be the last day on this planet where the importance of men is only reminiscent of past roles once upon a time reserved only for men. Happy Father’s Day!

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