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June 21, 2012

The Caliber of a Father (Father’s Day 2012)

By Santy Asanuma —-

The father can only be important if he is useful since the beginning of time. Imagine a caveman who could not wield (meduch el ousbech) a club to kill an elephant for the cavewoman. Oh, and elephant back when was three to five times the size of modern day elephants. Untold number of men never made it back to their cave homes after these elephant hunting trips. The poor guy had to throw himself directly into life hazards just to make it to the list of important things of the day. Then fighting elephants just to put basic protein source on the table was not enough danger the poor guy had to dig devilish holes into the darkness of the earth just to get to the black coals for the wife to cook with or be toasty during cold nights. Up to this day many men continue to be buried in these coal mining abysses and never to be recovered.

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