Del. Eldebechel bares his platform for 2012 election

Del. Secilil Eldebechel announced his intention to run againto represent the state of Ngchesar in House of Delegate of the Olbiil Era Kelulau. From Palau 2012 Facebook Group Palau 2012 on May 3o, he made public his declaration and election platform.

Ses Eldebechel

Dear valued members of the Palau 2012:

Please allow me to share my campaign message and my platform for the 2012 election. I welcome any comments, questions, and even constructive criticism.


I appeal to the people of Palau and most especially to my fellow constituents of the great state of Ngchesar, of my continued desire to represent you as your delegate in the 9th Olbiil Era Kelulau. I take this opportunity and thank you once again for the trust that you bestowed upon me to represent you in my first term as your Delegate and I humbly ask for your continued trust and another term of service to you.

My first term has been a great learning experience for me and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve you in this capacity. I have done my best to perform my responsibilities and I believe I demonstrated my ability to effectively overcome many challenges in politics and it will, indeed, be my greatest pleasure and honor to continue representing the people and the state of Ngchesar at the National stage in the 9th Congressional Government.

I feel that it is important for an elected representative to serve at the will of the people with respect and integrity. It is equally important that he who serves has the wisdom and the conviction to bring about changes that matters to the people and stand behind principles that truly reflects good leadership excellence known for integrity, commitment, and courage. I think I have built myself upon these qualities and I will continue to improve and deliver for the needs of the people and our growing island nation.

As your Delegate, I will continue to perform my congressional duties as well as taking part in our community and social developments by working closely with our state and community leaders and everyone within our community to address important issues affecting our people’s lives. I believe in commonality and I trust that together we can build a stronger and healthier community by sharing of ideas and with cooperation and teamwork.

Having to have my permanent residence in our State, I find myself with much more time with common people and to learn the needs of my constituents. Over the past years, I have been regularly interacting with the people through numerous community meetings, group discussions, and events and that certainly gave me a first-hand experience with the very people and the community that I represent.

I believe as a leader or as a representative of the people, one must possess certain leadership principles and the following are some of my guiding principles:

Represent the people with respect, fairness, dignity, integrity, and courage.

Defend the rights and freedom of the people as stated in the constitution and the rule of law.

Protect and preserve your country’s identity, culture and her God given treasures.

Focus on bringing hope, opportunities, and prosperity to the people and your country.

Serve faithfully and unselfishly to fulfill the needs of all people through a responsible and transparent government.

Promote and advocate good governance and accountable leadership.

Be forward looking in formulating laws and policies that will deliver results that matters to the people and not simply reacting to short-term pressures or motives of self interest.

Display professional behavior and a passion of a good statesman.

Often times I remind myself that the government is the government of the people by the people for the people, and with that, I have always centered my platform on the basis of the following key commitments:

• Improving the General Health of the Republic: I will work towards improving public policies and programs that promotes good health of the people by encouraging healthy activities, better lifestyles, and proper family planning. We must continue to find ways in which we can offer modern health care services and formulate affordable health insurance programs to be available for working people and their families. We need to equip and advance our health care providers with the necessary incentives, skills, knowledge and the tools to provide quality health care services.

• Strengthening Palau’s Human Resource through Education and Training: I will work towards formulating stronger policies that does not only encourage young Palauans to pursue higher education abroad and return home to work but also encourage parents to invest on their children’s education and training. We need to continue to improve our education system and bring learning standards to a new level in order to keep our students competitive around the world. I will support and advocate any capacity building efforts or initiatives to provide basic training or even incentives to help people to secure jobs in a highly competitive job market.

• Securing a Stronger and Productive Economy: I will devote my time and energy to take part in the thinking process as well as collaborating with the leadership to formulate necessary economic policies and appropriate legislations that will bring about a sustainable and more vibrant economic development. I advocate economic policies that allows for the private sector to grow and prosper and at the same time create more jobs and offer new business opportunities.

• Responsible and Effective Public Safety and Law Enforcement: I will support efforts to improve on our public safety and law enforcement programs. We need to formulate laws that do not only provide incentives to the law enforcement officials but to make their jobs rewarding. We need to have a stronger and more effective law enforcement not just to ensure law and order but to ensure that our laws are complied with and fairly applied.

• Fair and Responsive Public Services: I will work towards improving laws and policies to ensure that public services can deliver efficient and high quality services to meet the needs of citizens and not the convenience of service providers. We must structure our public service system to ensure good governance that is accountable, fair and transparent and that does not even tolerate mediocrity. We must strengthen the principles of a merit-based public service system that is focused on service excellence and productivity and shall not be politically motivated.

• Meaningful Social Services and Welfare Programs: I will work just as hard to seek for ways to improve or develop social services and welfare programs with direct benefits to uplift targeted groups such as the less fortunate citizens who are disabled, mentally ill or socially displaced and the poor. Senior citizens and retirees deserve better, if not best, social programs and retirement benefits.

• Information Age Government: I believe technology can work better for us to provide efficiency and effectiveness in our service delivery and therefore I will work to encourage and support well thought out plans and initiatives to utilize use of modern technology to advance services delivery. The government must advocate modern and innovative ways to meet the needs of citizens and entrepreneurs, and not trail behind technological developments.

In conclusion, I must say that I have the conviction, the wisdom, the will, and the commitment to pursue and deliver for the above-mentioned in my platform and therefore all that I ask of you is simply your trust and another opportunity to serve.

Lastly, I will encourage all of us to go to the polls this November to demonstrate our desire to move forward as a country and elect those who we trust to lead our nation through our next four years and the challenges that comes with it. Remember, your vote represents your right and ownership in this government and it will surely make a difference in the outcome of this election and so for that, my fellow constituents of Ngchesar State, let us join in with the rest of the people of Palau to cast our votes to make a difference. I trust that the almighty God will give us guidance in making better choices for our future and help us build our communities and our nation for our children and the generations to come.

Thank you very much and may God bless the great State of Ngchesar and the Republic of Palau.

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