Observations on Remengesau’s declaration

By Kambes Kesolei —-

My observations from Tommy’s declaration at Hokkons annex by Peleliu CLub last Saturday April 21, 2012.

First, those who took the mic at Hokkons Park mostly touched around the theme of “struggling to make ends meet in these hard economic times,” while it sounded clichéd, it was a reality as shown on the people faces.

Second, the event was an occasion to unveil the candidate’s logo and slogan. A brilliant sun shining over Palauans holding hands moving forward, with the slogan ‘Together, We Can Make Tomorrow Better.” They were explained or rather romanticized, as if the words and symbols magically translate into ready solutions during these difficult times. In other words, the campaign sought to hit the right chord by attempting to establish in people’s mind that the candidate brings hope to their daily struggles. Did they hit the right chord? The jury is still out.

It reminds me of a quote that says “a candidate campaigns in poetry but govern in prose”.

Third, Sen. Remengesau is a great speaker, not because of his oratorical style, but because he can connect via his down to earth demeanor. He knows to say the right words and with his appearance project a sense of grassroots authenticity, in plain contrast with President Toribiong.

And which brings me to my last observation. If I could identify one take away from the campaign launching, it was the central message that was delivered in subtlety. He said “a kabelment a kirel chubechub.” He mentioned it three times, as if in passing. He even re-emphasized it in English language,  “government should have a caring spirit.” After watching the entire declaration program, I am convinced that “a kabelment a kirel chubechub” will be Remengesau’s main theme in this campaign season.

Look for this theme worked into every messages.

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