How Much Are You Paying To Get Your Government Going?

Tia Belau Editorial, April 11, 2012 —-

Here’s a different way to look at the budget. RPPL No. 8-40, which is the budget law for fiscal year 2012 signed by the president last March 25 appropriates the sum of $59,394,000 for governmental operations and other obligations.

Sources of funding comes from estimated local revenues at $37,994,000; Compact funds – $17,750.000; PAN fund – $1,400,000; Hospital Trust Fund – 2,000,000; UMDA dividend – $250,000.

To use data from the IMF: 2012 Article IV Consultation—Staff Report, Palau’s nominal GDP for fiscal year 2011 stands at $220.7, which makes ROP’s budget at 27 percent of the Palau’s economy. Population based on 2011 numbers is at 20,956; GDP per capita is at $10,532.

With over $59 million to run our government, that is on the average, every head in Palau is billed the amount $2,828.30. In comparison, FY 2011 was  less with appropriation totaling 57,306,100 or $2,728.86.

So here’s the breakdown of your money based on FY 2012:

$41.17 for the operation of the Office of the President

$14.48 for the office of the Vice President

$98.62 for the Ministry of Finance

$97.70 for the Ministry of State

$41.69 for the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs

$314.90 for the Ministry of Health

$342.49 for the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries and Commerce

$172.52 for the Ministry of Justice

$335.86 for the Ministry of Health

$51 for the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism

$103.57 for the Judicial Branch

$181.14 for the Olbiil Era Kelulau

$229.62 for State Block Grants

$91.45 for Independent Agencies

$67.74 for Other Agencies and Activities

If the amount of $4,531,000 for the supplemental is approved then every person on island will pay, on the average, an additional $215.70 for a total of $3,044.

One Comment to “How Much Are You Paying To Get Your Government Going?”

  1. what about the Ministry of Education?

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