Alekerong Mlo Betok A Klukuk

By Santy Asanuma —-

(3/28/2003 Whatanow Column)

Alii Roger,

People of Palau should come to realization (“melchesuar”) that OEK is where success or failure of Palau is determined (“meketmokl e moterkokl”). Senator Koshiba recently challenged his colleagues during a session by pushing a question on all senators and delegates: “kid kede ultechei” (are we deformed?). The word “ultechei” has a deeper negative connotation (“mekngit el belkul”) in Palauan implications (“omtechakl a tekoi”) that one is vile and despised (“mercherached e checherd a rengud e rengii”) by people. It also implies that one is not mentally sound (“telekib el longesonges a btelul”). This is the lowest Palauan regard that can be given to someone you do not respect or care about. Is this question befitting (“ungil a deruchellel el tekoi dousbech e rengii el mesaod ra rechad”) people chosen by Palauan people to seat in the OEK?

OEK it seems is overriding the President on the labor bill to become law. This, if I am not mistaken, is the second override (“te chemoit a tekingel ra President el okiu a klisichir ngara llach”) in Palauan constitutional government history. The first one was the budget act last October. Whether the President will sign or not the bill will become law. The point is the amount of power in the hands of senators and delegates to affect all Palauans. It goes to show that OEK being composed of nine senators and sixteen delegates is truly an expression of representative government. Therefore, it holds the ultimate decision (“ng toba sel kot el klisiich e sebechir chodereder a tekoi”) what will become law in Palau. OEK is definitely not a place where you want “ultechei” to make decisions for the rest of us Palauans. Remember, the reason why Guam Government employees are now on 32-hour work schedule is because their leaders are not making good decisions. They are not “ultechei” but simply not committed to doing their job completely and properly. I will not accept that Palau has “ultechei” people making decisions for us in OEK.

Dignity (“sel dongull e re ngii el erungel e ungil klechad ra chad ma ikel tekoi ngara chesel”) is what makes a person respected by others. Even fishermen, farmers, and store workers have dignity. Any person regardless of job or position must have some dignity to feel like a human being. For the first time, I have witnessed a member of OEK fight to reclaim his dignity during a session last week. Delegate Bells of Ngeraard stood up against the slanders and accusations (“mekngit el chais ma ultelechakl”) by senators that delegates did not do their job on the Land Court bill to become a law on time. And that the law passed is full of mistakes and not going to help Palauan land owners in claiming their land.

Because of this combat (“klaudechelakl”) among our OEK leaders, I realized that senators and delegates once again did not do their job properly. Watching March 12, 2003 Senate session and March 18, 2003 House session, the public is being lied to. Senator Dengolk reminded the senators during the session that the bill is defective (“telemall malechub e ng mekngit”) because individual senators have different ideas and did not work together in a timely manner. Senators and Delegates know very well when the Land Court will come to an end because it is written in the old law. Unless they did not read the law which is their job. That is why I strongly say that OEK is not a place for people who are not well read (“meses el menguiu”).

The person, who has mathematically explained recently the existence of black holes in the universe since Einstein, is physically deformed and looks retarded (“ng kora ngodech a bedengel e a rengud e ng tedobech”). He is now a Nobel Peace Prize winner for his work. I am sure that he has more dignity to have accomplished such a task that is beyond most of us who are not deformed.

So senators and delegates should stop blaming the moon and the stars for their incomplete jobs. Stop monkeying around with the Palauan people and start doing their job is something they should consider seriously. “Alsekum a e ng dikea a uldesuir el ngosuir a beluu e ng diak el telekangel me le dengchokl e ra chesel Olbiil. Le beluu a metemelang le ng diak el ruul a urerir.”

2 Comments to “Alekerong Mlo Betok A Klukuk”

  1. Santy obekong, kau ulemes ra kmal chroid ra rebekl chad ra beluulchad el kirel a beluad. A ikakid el domes a bebil rengii el mocha omung. Ke meral mesulang

  2. santy,thanx for alkerong dikid. hopefully palauan voters will learn this time around and vote wisely.

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