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February 29, 2012

Breaking The Budget Impasse

Tia Belau Editorial, February 27, 2012

It was dead on arrival. True to their words, the Senate killed the House version of the fiscal year 2012 budget bill. The latest rejection is strike three. The president, House and Senate all went to bat and struck out.

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February 28, 2012

Chemchemel Olik (Small Rain)

By Santy Asanuma —-

Chemchemel olik is literally fruit bat urinating (mengemokem). I have not heard any young person say this expression for the longest time that it is most on the verge of being lost in the Palauan oral language. It implies that the rain is inconsequential (ng kmal kekerriei el diak a le temelii) so we should not mind it and continue with whatever plan or activity we have outdoors. This expression has been replaced by a “tia diak el mera el chull” (this is not real rain). But that is all it means. I rather we go back to the original expression because it means that and much more.

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February 27, 2012


By Jackson Henry —-

One item that has been on Palau’s wish list since the 1990s is Fiber Optics Technology (FOT). Because we live in the Information Age, high tech hardware essential to support communication networks is a way of life today for people and businesses the world over. Before FOT, communication networks depended on copper wires, which are expensive, inefficient and outdated. Today, FOT is faster, cheaper, easier to maintain and can perform in challenging environment without interferences from X-rays, electrical or radio waves.

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February 25, 2012

A Dam is Burst

Tia Belau Editorial, February 20 —-

It is no surprised to see citizens holding up placards at last Friday’s end of working day rush hour. This will be a common occurrence if nothing is done to address the heavy burden the increasing cost of fuel have on the low wage earners.

We pay attention to the price of gasoline, and we can see that it has increased three times this early into the year. Gasoline prices started the year at $5 per gallon and went up to $5.10 in January 15 and again to a new record of $5.20 on February 5. It was only eleven days after setting a new record on February 16 that a sharp increase of 15 cents pushed it to $5.35, and a new record high at its present level.

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February 23, 2012

Entertainment Virus

By Fuana Tmarsel —-

“Sex, sex, sex on the beach”, l wanna have sex, sex, sex on the beach, are the words of a song sung by my friend’s 8th grade son while setting up the table in their dining room. She had asked him to set the table and he joyfully proceeded while singing and swaying to the music from his MP3. Of course with earphone, he was oblivious to his mother’s reaction.  The mother tells me, “well I stood there in disbelief at the words coming out of his mouth, and then he turns to me and with a smile unwittingly continued to sing “ I wanna have sex on the beach”.  “I put my hand on his wrist”, the mother continued, “and pulled out his earphone then said, “what are you saying, do you know what you are saying? He looked at me questioningly, but then soon realized the salacity of his tune and apologized.”

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February 22, 2012

Ngerdobotar Leadership (Good vs. Bad)

By Santy Asanuma —-

Ngerdobotar was a village in the northern part of Imeliik. In the olden days it is said that Palau had a big population reaching hundred thousand and a big group of people lived there. The village was ideally situated in fertile farm and wood lands with a rive running through it providing water. The nearby reef and inner reef environment provided abundant fish, shell-fish, and seafood for the residents. During this time there was prosperity and people had everything they needed.

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February 20, 2012

The War on Eye Sores

By Jackson Henry —-

“You may not have a second chance to make a first good impression”, is a caveat that high profiled people and places must be mindful of. A positive image is an asset that must be preserved and enhanced if we want to succeed economically. Poison Ivy, regarded as the master of Public Relations, once defined PR as “anything that you do or do not do that affects public perception”. Thus, eye sores are public liabilities that can paint a bad impression of a country and stun a nation’s economic health.

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February 18, 2012

Seid Sues President and ROP Gov, Prez Responds




­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________________________________                Civil Action No­­­________

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February 17, 2012

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Tia Belau Editorial, February 13 —-

At what point does the Senate of the Olbiil Era Kelulau is held accountable for its decisions regarding presidential appointments to government boards?

The Senate recently rejected two more nominees to the board of PPUC. These latest rejections by the current Senate bring to six in total of presidential appointments to PPUC board that failed to muster the required two-thirds approval.

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February 15, 2012

Updated: President urged to lift gag rule on AG: PFF

Updated: scroll down to see the president’s response.

Link to the following below article:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pacific Freedom Forum, Rarotonga, COOK ISLANDS— A presidential order banning Palau’s Attorney General Ernestine Rengiil from giving her legal opinion directly to those seeking raises serious concerns over access to information and freedom of information for the island nation, says regional media watchdog the Pacific Freedom Forum, PFF.

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February 15, 2012

The Gift of Pain

By Fuana Tmarsel —-

Pain is one of life’s essential gifts. It signals to us that something is wrong and need to be fixed.  Pain and suffering are synonymous experiences in that the person undergoes hardships, difficulties and trauma, depending on the injury or loss. Nonetheless, pain and suffering are familiar and widely understood concept because all of us have experienced it in some form or another even before we were able to coherently utter our experience with it. Remember those Baby Check-ups that required a shot to prevent this and a shot to prevent that. The nurse/doctor took no time in explaining to us the benefits of the shots. They stuck that needle right where it hurts and when we screamed, they stuck the cotton ball over it and sent us out of there without words of sweetness etc. We were just a job to them, and sometimes, well, they seemed so callous, you’d wonder why parents kept handing their babies into their care.

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February 14, 2012

Telemall Lurei (Breakdown in Women’s Court)

By Santy Asanuma —-

Men should be mindful of their conduct around women especially being deceitful (ke di obebulak) when courting them. This is a defense mechanism for women to protect themselves from men in abusing their affection and love. Furthermore, this is to make sure to avoid men for taking them lightly and trashing them in the end for nothing. This institution depends on cooperative and collaborative (ungil klaodengei ma klaingeseu) effort of women to make this system effective.

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February 12, 2012


By Jackson Henry —-

With thousands of Palauans holding accounts in Facebook, the company’s recent filing of S-1 with SEC to raise $5 billion through an IPO, has created a buzz in the news headlines and stirred up a “wow” in our investing community. Facebook is the world’s #1 social networking site and has become a household word inPalau. Anyone can open an account with Facebook for absolutely free and connect to millions of people worldwide. Facebook started only 7 years ago by Mark Zuckerburg but has caused an earth shaking revolution in how people communicate online with pictures. Zuckerburg is the youngest billionaire on record. Facebook is fun and is instrumental in shrinking the world into the proverbial “global village”.

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February 10, 2012

Minimum wage bill, same old story

Tia Belau Editorial, February 6 —-

Where does the leadership stand on the minimum wage legislation? The different actions taken on two bills help explain their position.

Two separate bills were introduced on January 27, 2009 – the twelfth-day of the first regular session of the newly installed 8th Olbiil Era Kelulau. It was also the first calendared day of business for both houses of OEK since their inauguration twelve days earlier.

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February 8, 2012

Soaring Above the Storms

By Fuana Tmarsel —-

They say that there are three fastest methods of communication. On a personal level, many of us communicate by telephone or cell phones via text. Text messages are cheap and written so the transmitter can always check to make sure the message is correct before it is sent. And the receiver, can always re-read the message to make sure it is understood the way the transmitter had intended. The danger is sending the message to the wrong person. This can happen when the transmitter misdial the number. I have had occasions where people called my number and tried to convince me that I was somebody else, other than myself. I remember one woman who called my phone and asked to talk to my husband. I responded with, “I am sorry, but you have the wrong number.” She was sure I was lying and turned to her husband and told him what I said to which the husband got the phone and insisted that I put my husband on the line. Since it was a cell phone, I decided to save air time and hang up the phone. Consequent calls by the same couple came via different phone numbers continued for a couple of days until they were convinced that they had the wrong number.

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February 7, 2012

Palau’s TEC Zone

By Jackson Henry —-

As a practicing Realtor, I entertain a variety of international clients seeking properties for residence, investments and for resort developments. Most of my resort developers prefer properties in Koror and Airai, however, there are virtually no prime sites left, especially those with water frontage. Properties with beach fronts, navigable waters and sunset views are the “prima donnas” in resort development. 80% of the world’s 5-star resorts have sunset views.

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February 6, 2012

Meruul Ra Ulaol (Dysfunctional Relations)

By Santy Asanuma —-

Fixing the floor is the literal translation of meruul ra ulaol. This expression is used in referring to a marriage between two people who by cultural norms should not be allowed to wed because of their blood relations or membership to the same lineage (telungalek) or clan (kebliil). But as human experience in this case has shown throughout Palauan history up to this day this kind of combination seems to defy all efforts to stop it. As a matter of fact, those who want to separate this unholy union do admit that the attraction between these people is comparable to the timeless love between Romeo and Juliet that not even death can split them apart.

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February 3, 2012

Home Net is slowing down

Home Net service seems to be slowing down a lot lately. One of the reasons I moved away from PNCC dial service is to avoid the stress build-up of trying to open my Gmail account in a standard view. Dial up is a slow service that you resort to opening your inbox by loading basic HTML view. It was not worth it.

It has been quite common in the past two weeks that Home Net has failed to deliver the top speed you’ve been promised. The speed as I am writing this post is as slow as dial up. You can never get any reprieve. No words from PNCC yet as to the problem.

February 2, 2012

A Strong Dollar Matters to Palauans

By Jackson M. Henry —-

With Palauans traveling abroad, particularly to thePhilippines, Asian rim countries and even to Europe, the exchange value of the US Dollar matters, since it isPalau’s official medium of exchange. So the stronger the Dollar, the more goods and services Palauans can acquire when traveling abroad. In this regards, we thank our forefathers who ingeniously negotiated with Uncle Sam to allow the US Dollar to be the national currency ofPalau. Without it, international trade and tourism inPalaucannot flourish as we enjoy today. The US Dollar is the bench mark of world currencies and remains the most stable and respected currency worldwide.

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February 1, 2012

Where are the candidates?

Tia Belau Editorial, January 30, 2011 —-

January is coming to an end with voters still waiting to see who the candidates are. So far one person has publicly declared. Mr. Frank Kyota has declared his candidacy to represent Airai in the House of Delegates.

No candidates for the office of the president, vice president, and the senate have officially announced. These offices are elected nationwide so public announcement would be necessary to reach the wider corners of the island. Formal declaration traditionally, has never been considered strategic for a run at a congressional seat, but it is essential for presidential election to gain traction. 

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