House rejects FY 2012 budget bill

Fiscal year 2012 budget bill has died in the House floor with a vote of 11 No and 5 Yes.

The vote is a resounding rejection for the Speaker and his new budget team for their heavy handed tactic in trying to push the bill over the strong objections of WMFM committee chair and other members.

The budget bill was the conference draft version which was negotiated by the new 3-member team House conferees.

The  negotiating team was led be Del. Tmewang Rengulbai with Floor Leader Gibson Kanai and WMFM V-chair Swenny Ongidobel as members.

Criticisms was heaped on the team and the Speaker for limiting the House to only three members while the Senate basically retain most of their original committee members, except for Mark Rudimch who was removed.

The decision made earlier to remove Del. Secilil Eldebechel, chair of Ways and Means & Financial Matters, from his lead role in the budget process seems to have backfired big time.

With the rejection, the president can submit a new budget bill with an adjusted fund availability analysis, and one that incorporates the $3M emergency funding. Perhaps, with the rosy projection for 2012 tax receipts, there will be no need to utilize PAN funds for state block grants.

This might be the face saving measures that everyone needs.

However, one thing is clear though, the result was an embarrassment for the House leadership. A clear vote of no confidence.


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