Minister Fritz and Gov. Reklai are now inside the Maru

  • Leilani Reklai wow Minister! this is unbelievable..first of all, Min. Fritz brought the FIRST sea cucumber people to my State, telling me that it was a PILOT project, a RESEARCH on breeding of sea cucumber. Anat and his guys SHOWED me their permits for export of only 150lbs of sea cucumber outside of Palau for RESEARCH. I gave them a research permit for one year. 3 months later, i find them with tons of sea cucumber and terminated their permit. I requested Minister’s office for people to survey Aimeliik for sea cucumber data first before we proceeded. Minister immediately suspended 3 coastal resource managers for meeting with me about the survey! Minister went on the radio and told everyone that these sea cucumbers only took 3 months from seedling to harvestable size! The governors association requested min. Fritz to stop the export in 2010, until we get the data and the law on sea cucumber export clarified. Minister ignored that letter! In the meantime, a lawsuit was filed against anat and his partners for illegal exportation. Minister in turn opened buying and exporting of sea cucumber from ngardmau. pushing people to break laws citing poor economics. I allowed harvesting in my State AFTER my election due to the fact that we’ve exhausted our funds in monitoring. Folks, unfortunately, what’s being by min. Fritz are outright untruths. I won Aimeliik election on November 23 by 39 votes. I opened Aimeliik for harvesting for ONE month only, on DECEMBER 1st. I’ve brought many opportunities to my State in the first four years of my term including sources of income through tourism, through farm leases and others. I am MANAGING my State resources for my people today and TOMORROW. It is very sad when a Minister, a member of the administration’s cabinet, goes on public media and tell lies to the people. It is unprofessional and totally unbecoming of his position! by Gov. Leilani Reklai

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  • Leilani Reklai I knew that sea cucumber was harvested in Palau before and is not a new issue for Palau or the world. Google sea cucumber and you’ll see Chuuk, Galapagos and others. But it can also be a managed resource as well. I wanted that to happen to our STate. But the way it started here in Palau was shrouded in untruths. Why was it so difficult for the Ministry of Resource to conduct a survey of all Palau before they opened up the export? Why was it so difficult to pull out information? He said it is easy but those 3 people that got suspended for talking to me, made everyone in that office leery of giving out any information. Knowing what we have, how much and where, can assist the States to allow harvesting in manageable way, ensuring continued propagation of wildl stocks. The way it is done leaves more questions than answers. Yes, my State is open but for one month. I’ve two companies wanting to build hatcheries. I am working on amending our laws and developing regulations before we license anyone to open a hatchery. It will cost money but at this point, we have to do something because the damage has been done due to total mismanagement at the national level.

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  • Kyon Tellames please way your comments, people, based on the issues we discussed prior to this. Governor Reklai and Minister Fritz both commented lengthly about cheremrum, and we can derive the truth just from reading their comments and weigh it against what have been posted here. I am going with Governor Reklai on this one.

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  • Semdiu Decherong ‎”Shrouded in untruths” is right. Misinformation and misguided citizens. Understood that people need some form of income, but at what cost to our resources when it is not managed properly prior to allowing the harvesting to take place.
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  • Mimokl Belau Mimokl Belau It is my understanding that when Fritz Harry talk he contradicts his comments. He tells the everyone one thing one minute and the next says another. I say he is not telling the the truth. And thinking that most of these people are abroad so he can get away with tellinginaccurate statements. Fortunately all statements are written so go back and read what he commented so far. He he ignored my question to him on the minimum wage. And He kept talking about Caribou’s tail but the way I see it, is he wants us to focus the Caribow’s tail and not on the whole picture. Why you think he talk’s about the eremrum, occupying our mind’s with the eremrum picking, price per bucket and how he has staffs that can provide data– who’s to say that the data he boasting to have is even accurate.
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  • Evelina Seklii meral dimla mo techel Belau ra omeruul el cheremrum ma mermarech

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  • Fritz Harry Mimokl, even scientist have marginal error. Do you think our National Governmetn mistaken and hired able Palauans to work at Bureau of Marine Reasources over the last 30 years. Giving trainings, hired technical experts from international groups are not qualified unless we hire scientists. So, you think we are all stupid not knowing the differences between 26 of sea cucumber species. I totally disagree with you but respect with trust all my BMR staffs.

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  • Fritz Harry Palauans working at BMR are doing breeders, trochus, tiger grouper, rabbit fish with the assisstance from Japan, Taiwan, SPC. FYI, Taiwan is investing millons of dollars to rebuild hatchery and new office. While you disagree I will continue with my able staffs to move forward.

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  • Fritz Harry Mimokl, the same able BMR staff did baseline survey for trochus and President and OEK agreed to opened the harvest season. Again, I am not scientist but I trust their data reports. Whether you like it or not thats what our government relied on. Sorry , Ulsarch e Ulseked.

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  • Fritz Harry Evelina, you may be right but now you can realize that Palauans are getting direct cash income fro Eremrum. Not bentos. I thinking to rent a boat to go harvest Mermarch this Sunday night. There is low tide early 2 to 4 am where I can walk to harvest Mermarch. Many in group makes over $5,000. So, not only mla mo techel a daob , Fish market is dry and emptied.

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  • Fritz Harry MR. Semdiu, please take time to vist BMR to see or get reports. Its not PSB. Its real world of sea cucumber just like Trochus. I trust now that leaders have learned that Sea cucumber is real income and need hatchery and breeders. FYI, I brought Korean breeder and no one believe and I visted Philippines and confirmed that it can be breed in hatchery then reseed the reefs lice Giant Clam.

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  • Fritz Harry BMR breeding giant clams. OThere is no need to disagree and crate FEAR but priortize our needed resources to meet our demand, tourists, and make an investment. FYI, I have been in meeting with Parties to Nauru Agreement to trying maximize the benefits from Tuna Industry and monitor for sustainable Skipjack Tuna stocks. The purse sein fishing fees were at $800 a metric ton and last July we set at $5,000 Vessel Day Scheme (VDS) now, we are moving to $10,000 a VDS. You more than me of the economics equation (supply and demand). Let us all be proactive by urging our leaders to allocate/budget $250,000 to develop sea cucumber hatchery and hire breeder. The market is in Asia. NO question or doubt its real world. Palau have found GOLD sea cucumber and our ocean is there for it.

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  • Fritz Harry FYI, you can look back where our parents did not speak nor write English. Now, you more info than before. You kids may know more than us. So, stop worrying than what you cannot think of today can be learned by our future generations. So, I urge all young Palauans to study more of our marine resources and what can be turn to be economical and steady income. Remember that we ocean people that why early days we did not navigate a far cause of our bountiful ocean resources.

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  • Semdiu Decherong Minister, please pay attention to the studies and actual science done by our very own scientists such as Stephen Victor and others with the TNC and the PICRC. Ngaraard passed legislation banning collection of sea cucumber – certain species, based on a very good presentation by Mr. Victor to the State Legislature. I was there, it was informative and factual with hard science and actual data behind the work. If you would like to discuss PSB, I guess we can discuss it when appropriate and not in this forum. I’m not disputing that people need money, but I grew up being taught to conserve and live within my means. Just my thoughts. Thank you for responding.

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  • Fritz Harry Joleen. its not conflict its the news paper who sell or market for income. But if you put the other picture which I brought an investor before and the other picture on otherside. You will see no conflict. I signed the BUL with all members of HOTL at the request of Speaker EOS of Koror State Legislature. Because the KSL may take two readings to pass the law. After KSL public hearing he request Ibedul to adopt BUL while KSL pass the law. As you may know it was deferred by governor with few recommendations.

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  • Fritz Harry All media have never complement any good things happened to the low income people or fishermen. Have you learned any from that close to $500,000 sale of Eremrum were given directly to hands of Palauans.

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  • Fritz Harry Hon. Gov. of Aimeliik lives in big air condition house, bread & butter, cheese, ham bacon breakfast, drive air condition Lexus worth over $60K, family live American lifestyle, not paying lease rental. May I ask what has she done to her people while post negative message against me. FYI, I care for people including my relatives in Medorm, Aimeliik.

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  • Now you can tell difference between representing people or themselves. I am have less income but I maintain my resposibility and learn at the same time. Choose God given resources to use wisely and benefit and have sustainable stocks for future generation. I nevere had any idea to depelete sea cucumber from our ocean. Thats why I search for experts, funding to develop hatchery with breeders. I maybe slow but I am steady with care.
    • Fritz Harry Governor stop blame others. You have the full authorithy to make good decision for your state. Again, you made letter against sea cucumber and signed by 14 governors and after Ngardmau opened its sea cucumber season. You did nothing to stop. While you did close your state water. and I agreed with you 100 %. Please, blaming me and starting to develop your state plan and stop acting like lobster or Debar er Ngetchur just showing beauty. If you help BMR is may have right info for your ocean reasource or Bureau of Agriculture to help you. While you defending yourself noting will be helpful to develop your state. Look beyond just yourself , your pride be great inrepresenting your people.

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