Otaut Omiich Olbiil (Separation of Responsibilities)

By Santy Asanuma  —-

Paluanan saying goes, “ng kora cheluchau el cherrechirt a chesel” (like the tangerine that is divided inside). Come to think about it I never heard let alone seen a tangerine that does not have its meat divided into almost equal sizes inside the fruit. This Palauan wisdom uses this natural division as a figure of speech to stress that even though things may appear to be very close to the eye and considered to be one there is indeed a separation for good reason. This type of natural occurrence is what scientists call as natural law that govern life and matters that exist. Palauans are unquestionably smart and in the league of world class scientists and philosophers.

When the whole world seems to be aching and going through economic hard times that affect almost all countries of the world, the natural human reaction is to look for who is responsible for the pain that has made life hard for all of us. It is common knowledge that most people have been expectant of a hellish Armageddon to happen with a lot of speculation pointing to the Middle East. They have been in one kind of religious conflict (Jihad) or another as far back as recorded history can remember. Therefore they are the likely suspect. With the latest ousting of Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the fourth leader within this year (2011) in the Arab Spring uprisings (Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya) to end a regime that had existed for many decades, people are demanding for no less than the heads of Saleh and his cohorts to roll. Maybe this is the Armageddon (the final war between forces of good and evil).

How about the war in Palau? The biggest social network ever Facebook Palau 2012 is a phenomenon with its membership reaching over 5200 and counting. They are increasingly becoming more belligerent (bekeu) in their questioning what their government is doing or not doing. However, they need to assign (olterkokl) responsibilities by virtue of offices accordingly. Before this finger pointing gets out of control it is important to clarify the responsibilities involved.

The executive branch is by design tasked to enforced policies such as laws and regulations of the country or orders of the Supreme Court. Investigating, prosecuting, and arresting those who break such laws and regulations is central to its responsibility in order to maintain law and order. So I ask are the Bangladeshi Retail stores legal? Under Palauan name as front is breaking the law. Is shipping sea cucumber for commercial purpose legal? The law as it stands banning it. So why is the whole country breaking the law?

The judicial branch is by design tasked to resolve all disputes involving law and equity (oterkeklel a llemalt). So has the court resolved Ngetpang State stateless controversy? Looks like Ngetpang will be stateless into the unknown future. So are the court judgments to settle who bear the chiefly titles being followed? Some state governments accept a person of their own choice in clear defiance of the court orders.

Lastly, the legislative branch has far more encompassing (berokl) powers to write laws or set policies for the executive and judicial branches to follow. The Olbiil has such broad powers including namely “to provide the general welfare, peace, and security” (Art. IX Sect.5 subsect.21) to the people. In doing so can remove the president, vice president, and any judges it deems necessary in securing this responsibility. By virtue of these 21 constitutional powers assigned to them, OEK has the oversight on the progress and direction of our country. Should the excessive price of gasoline be in their domain? It is hurting the people in more than one way so why are they not questioning the fuel companies?

So before you unleash the wrath (a chelbedel) of Armageddon on government it is only fair to question or hold people accountable to their assigned lot/responsibility. No person as you can see is responsible for Palau and therefore cannot singlehandedly fix or break this country for that matter “le Belau a cherrichirt.”

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