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December 6, 2011

Arirang Hour

By Fuana Tmarsel —-           

Arirang is defined as Korean Folk Song. In 1926 a black and white film of the same name was made. It depicts the life of Korean student who was imprisoned for protesting against the Japanese colonial rule. Due to torture and abuse in prison, the young man became mentally ill and was eventually released. He went back to the village of his father, and lived there with his family. He was able to regain his sanity back but a tragedy befallen him again and he was later wrongly accused of murder and was sent back to prison.  According to Wikipedia, the film was either lost in Korean War (50-53) or in possession of people or person who may not want to see its released to the general public. There is no certainty of it’s whereabouts, but perhaps we may never get the opportunity to see it as reproduction may be unlikely for many reasons, but also for its anti-Japanese overtones.

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