Two Baby Steps, One Giant Leap Forward

By Jackson M. Henry —

Being an isolated Pacific island nation, our economic strength rides heavily on advanced tele-communications technology and excellent air link to the rest of the world, particularly the Tiger economies of Asia. 

Last week,Palautook two milestone steps in advancing our link to the rest of the world. First was with the execution of an MOU with FSM Telecom Corp to acquire and manage a fiber optic system. Second was the gracing of Fly Guam’s maiden flight toPalau.Palaunow has additional choices of airlines and flight schedules, since the common complaints we hear are the ungodly flight hours and exorbitant airfares. Historically,Palauoutdated tele-com and poor flight schedules have handicapped our economic growth and stunned foreign investments.

Motivated investors are watching these two historic events inPalauwith interest as we leap toward being par with the rest of the world.Palaujumps another notch higher on the scale as a business expedient jurisdiction. We tip our hats to the President and his top lieutenants for these two commercial and diplomatic masterstrokes.

History has it that Jacques Babinet first demonstrated fiber optics inParisin 1840. These hair sized glass strands are manufactured from pure silica, which transmits light from one end to the other. It was not until 1963 when Junichi Nishizawa ofTokyoUniversityfirst proposed the use of fiber optics in communication. Today, fiber optics is the cutting edge technology and leading infrastructure driving internet commerce worldwide.

Compared to the traditional metal copper wires, which were used for years to transmit voice and data, fiber optics is less expensive. Because they are made from glass, they use low voltage electrical transmitters, which saves us money. They are also thinner, flexible, lightweight and non-flammable. Best of all, they carry superior signal integrity as compared to copper wires. Thus,Palauwill enjoy high speed and uninterrupted internet signals, like we experience frequently with the existing system. Given that every mom and pop business operators, students, banks, schools, hospital, government agencies and citizens have become depend on the internet for information transmittal, fiber optics will improve Palau’s connectivity via increased bandwidths. Fiber optics are best suited for carrying digital signals for computer networking. This is revolutionary forPalauand it is anticipated to elevate our attractiveness as an investment conducive destination.

The MOU with FSM Telecom is a sweet deal which will savePalaumillions in costs and time. Thus, we must not squander this enterprising opportunity. IfPalauneeds to borrow to fund it, then it is a debt equity well justified.


One Comment to “Two Baby Steps, One Giant Leap Forward”

  1. I’m glad that Fly Guam is flying to Palau, but Mr. Henry, how long will it last?? I heard that Continental slashed their prices to compete with Fly Guam. I hope the investors of Fly Guam have deep pockets to with the price war that COAir has started.

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