Asst. AG awaits direction from President Toribiong


              The foregoing information sets forth the different restrictions concerning the work of the members of the OEK. My next task will be to apply this information to the reports you submitted concerning a particular member of the OEK [Sen. Arnold Oilouch]. I will then draft a letter setting out the different options that apply to this matter and await your direction. (Emphasis mine).

The above was taken from Assistant Attorney General Victoria Roe in a letter to President Toribiong dated August 18 regarding president’s concern on “the existence of conflicting opinions regarding whether members of the OEK may represent state governments in their capacity as lawyers, and receive public funds for such representation.”

It is clear that the person of concern is Senator Oilouch who as a seating senator continue to provide legal service for a fee to the state governments.

Originally posted at Belau Examiner.


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