Why Senate wanted SP office closed…

Here’s the Senate Standing Committee Report No. 8-294 on the House Bill No. 8-146-11,HD3 (FY 2011 supplemental budget request)  on August 11, 2011.

3) Increases the funding for the Legislative Branch from $3,720,000 to $3,820,000 allocating the $100,000 as follows: $40,000 for the Senate and $60,000 for the House.

4) Reprogram $100,000 from the Office of the Special Prosecutor as follows: $60,000 to the National Postal Service, and $40,000 to the Office of Public Auditor.

D. Independent Agencies

The  total amount of funds authorized and appropriated to the Independent Agencies shall be reduced by $100,000. However, instead of funding an increase in funding for the Public Auditor and/or the National Postal Service, both of which are already properly funded in the President’s proposed budget,the $100,000 will be utilized to make up the $100,000 increase in the operations of the Legislative Branch – discussed above.

Emphasis mine. To sort it out. The $100,000 comes from reprogrammed funds from SP office, which was originally proposed to be divided to Post Office and Public Auditor but instead will be used to fund increase of OEK budget.

Fy 2012 budget bill has SP’s budget zeroed out.

Your OEK hard at work.

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One Comment to “Why Senate wanted SP office closed…”

  1. Hahaha!!! It’s both funny and sad!

    Kambes, et al: You need groups of committed citizens who meet regularly to discuss/debate and advocate (to the public and among OEK officials) on these matters. You need to keep them honest and accountable. We hear a lot of grumblings and complaints and back-and-forth banter, mad as hell as they are, that can only pass for a brand of “going-nowhere” Belau “politics”. lol! But no systematic organizing and sustained critique within the community of concerned citizens who want real change, who seek real change, and who affect real change where change matters. I am not looking for an Egyptian or Libyan type revolution in Belau but something close to them, something that takes the criticisms and complaints of folks in the community and channels them into sustained critique&advocacy that engages our leaders in true democratic fashion.

    There needs to be some coming-together of community groups, churches, women groups, etc, to explore ways to engage the political process effectively, that is, to learn about and practice genuine democracy in Belau.

    Otherwise, what happens in Ngerulmud will all turn out to be political shibai that, in turn, turn off Palauans and make them cynical people.

    Good luck to you all there at home. I wish you and all our colleagues there the best. Be strong and keep the faith. God bless you all.

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