Birthday Message

By Tkedesau Belhaim Sakuma

As we venture into the future, we must look back to see where we came from in order to set the proper course in our journey into the future. This generation of Palauan is blessed with our islands, our culture, and our way of life that was handed down to us by our ancestors. We are blessed with the New Horizon and New Opportunities to enrich our lives and improve the lives of our children. We must weigh all available options make intelligent decision for us and our children. We must not rush to make drastic decision based on our immediate needs because what we decide today will shape our future and the future of our children.

Majority of Palauan have the modern convenience of electricity, telephone, television, running water, the new Capitol and Babeldaob road that has opened up the largest island inPalau. At the dawn of this century, we have gone beyond what our fathers dreamed possible. New Horizon with new Opportunities is here for us to choose from. We must work together to meet common challenges in our health care, education of our children and sustainable economic development.

Our inheritance, our culture, our language, our way of life must be preserved and maintained for the future generations. The modern tools available to us must be utilized to preserve the rich and diversified environment and improve what need to be improved. We must continue to communicate, we must continue to discuss, we must continue to dialogue and we must continue to strive in our search for better horizon, new opportunities and better future for our children. Our ancestors have handed down to us the most beautiful place on earth and the culture that is so rich with its own language and a way of life that is envied by everyone. We must maintain and preserve what we have and change what must be changed for the better. But we must do everything together as a people and as a nation.

“Ngdiak di dolber, kedbai melalm e omekdubech e omekeroul”.

In closing, let us thank the Lord and our ancestors for their wisdom to preserved the best for us  and challenge this generation to live up to the “Spirit of Being a Palauan”.

  Tkedsau, Belhaim Sakuma

                                                            August 16, 2011



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