Our Plural Society

By Fuana Tmarsel

One of lives greatest beauty is found in the various skills, talents, abilities and even physical differences endued in each of us. The differences offer us opportunity to build the world together where needs are met, yearnings are satisfied, curiosity are quenched, flames are doused, and ideas are incarnated. The different colors of our world provide the various shapes and tastes of foods, of clothing, of housing, of automobiles, of sports, and of many more of lives endless innovations.  However, the true appreciation of these variations is only possible through the help of God, our Creator.

Due to shortage of teachers this year, I agreed to cover the English Literature Class for Seniors at Emmaus. It provides an avenue to engage with young people and to help propel their future in a right direction. The last few months have afforded us an extensive discussion into the Enlightenment period and classical writings composed at the time. We have traveled back in time to England when there were no cars, only horses; no limousines, only horse-drawn buggies, no hot showers nor fancy bath tubs, only buckets of hot water carried in by the houseboy etc.

We have learned that a country is not built in a day, but over centuries and centuries and that in cases where scientific knowledge was placed above the Bible, and philosophy equated with the principles of God, and absolutes replaced with moral relativity, multiple problems began to rise. Some problems in history were slavery, the Great Fire of London. bubonic plague (kind of like the AIDS today)

Despite problems, men have continued in his path, in fact accredited colleges across America teach students to embrace multiculturalism, and to promote and celebrate pluralistic societies. That is – permitting oppositional persuasions to co-exist without preferring one above the other. The norm is to tolerate/embrace all persuasions and/or cultures and not place one above another or prefer one over the other; except for the war against Christianity.

These kinds of societies cause confusion because they idealistically judge every idea and culture as morally equal, when they are not. For example, the Bible says that murder is wrong and sinful. This is morally correct far more superior to the idea introduced by the Beach Boys, “it is my body and I’ll do what I want to”. The pro abortion movement (whose members are the same ones pushing for plural societies ) asserts that the woman’s right to her body is above the child’s right to his life, and therefore, the Bible cannot prescribe absolutes. In fact many say, “I make my own rules because I do not accept the authority of the Bible.”  Interestingly, that same person turns around and looks at the Chinese One Child Policy and say it is wrong and cruel for the government to bribe their officials to carry out forced abortions.

What about the triad marriage movement in the U.S? They claim that they are in search of life, liberty and happiness. They want freedom to marry not one but two humans because it will give them happy life. These are corollaries of life without absolutes that maybe supported by the Constitution, but not the Bible. Our pluralism may look good on the outside, but it falls short of God’s perfect will for us. Differences are okay, but an idea opposing the Truth is wrong.

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