Attitude is Everything..

By Fuana Tmarsel

Research reveals that 80% of people in the workforce hate their jobs. I suppose they continue in it because it puts bread on the table for some, and for others it gives them a reason to dress up and get away from the boredom at home. But still for many of us – positions, titles and salary defines our identity and for the most part gives a sense of well-being and pride. Moreover, our cash economy requires us to keep an 8 hour a day job to survive. It is unthinkable to live without income, and a normal adult without a job is an oddity in our society.

But an 80% of the workforce unhappy is disturbing. I realize that the research was not done in Palau, however, it makes me think the many frowning faces and unkind telephone responses in the many offices I’ve visited and/or called. Often I tell myself that perhaps, someone woke up on the wrong side of bed, fell asleep on the wrong bed, worse yet, they are just grumpy beneficiaries of that human phenomenon called nepotism and, as such are just there to earn the government money and the boss could careless whether or not they deliver correct services with the right attitude.

Despite the seemingly contagious dissatisfaction at the workplace, employees need to remind themselves that people seeking assistance are not there by choice; it is the set up of many a society and they are just following the system. That is – the sick go to the Hospital, water payment to Finance, driver’s license to the Public Safety, building permit to Koror State and so on. As such, everyone want to be treated like the human beings that they are, and not have their humanity belittled because of the size of their bankbook, their title, position, surname, former spouse(s) or whether or not they are related to the receptionist or the boss. Time is valuable to everyone and nobody wants to be ignored, or made to wait while the receptionist plays Solitaire or Bejeweled, on a government computer, or conversing with a friend about “last night” with a government phone on a government time, while the queue continues to stretch.

I am fortunate to have always landed in jobs I enjoy, working for people I like, whether they are kids or adults, and with supervisors, I respect. They make the job enjoyable and the challenges become opportunities to better myself.  I cannot even begin to imagine what horror it must be to be in your workplace watching every tick and tock of the clock so you can take your lunch hour and then return to watch it tick and tock till the hour is come to get the h— out.  However, happiness can come after making a few attitude adjustments, which is entirely up to you. There is a little prayer that goes like this, God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things, I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. If you’re job requires you to deal with people, pray this little prayer and smile a little often, it may bring you unexpected rewards.

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