In Appreciation to the US Armed Forces

By Jackson Henry

“Where liberty dwells, that’s my country”, once exclaimed one of America’s founding fathers, Ben Franklin. This past week, Palau saw the true colors of America with the arrival of the USS Blue Ridge as the ambassador of a nation devoted to the true meaning of liberty. We in Palau are blessed to be friends of America, a nation not only the champion of liberty but, also the most generous nation on God’s green earth.

Palau is indebted to America, not only because they liberated us during WWII but, also because they instilled in us the spirit of liberty and democracy. Even our own President Toribiong is a product of American educational system which guarantees students the liberty to challenge the frontiers of human mind and dignity.

The people of Anguar also has special respect for the US Armed Forces, as they were the first island in Palau to be liberated during WWII. Every October, Angaur celebrates Liberation Day to thank America and those valiant men who gave their last full measure of devotion to assure us freedom and liberty. No wonder Ucherbelau Joseph coined the island “USA” or United State of Anguar. The people of Anguar also appreciate the recent Congressional Resolution by Senators Akitaya and Baules inviting the US Armed Force back to Angaur to bolster our state’s economy and to articulate Palau’s trust in the US Armed Forces. Palau will roll the red carpet, if the US Military do come back to Angaur.

I dedicate this column to America for their generosity and honor. As I was writing this column, I recalled my grandmother, after the Typhoon Sally in 1964 when the US Armed Forces landed on Anguar with medical assistance, held the hand of a young GI as said, “son, I have no words to thank you, so I will let God above speak for me”. God Bless America !

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