Obamacare Leadership

By Santy Asanuma

Good leadership is missed not so much because of the leader but because of the nation which has gone astray (ke de mla mo meluduus) and stubborn in being corrected. Obama was a community organizer and activist so chances are he went through the same struggles and would understand the meager (chelebuul) situation of grass root people.

Obama has been sent to talk us out of our hard-headed ways. And as a result, he is going to be a talking president because our problems are mostly attitude and behavior in nature. In his latest statement he came out almost as if he is pleading (mengeluch) with the American people to help the beleaguered (mla mechetechat) economy that cannot seem to resurface.

Obama leadership reminds me of Moses in the desert with his followers. Nothing that he did pleased his people. My fear is that Obama will be appreciated only when his is out of office and in the history books for us to ponder (melebedebek). Because of this fear, I seriously hope that the American people will allow him another term for the message to sink into our heads. I say our heads because we are beneficiaries of Uncle Sam social programs and should also be mindful of the message.

And that message is we change our ways or expect more suffering ahead. Obama in his latest attempt to wake us up said Americans (and Palauans I must insert here) must be willing to work longer hours for the same pay and not to falter (diak e mchiis) if for lesser pay. Obama is trying to convince Americans (Palauans too) to come out of their comfort zone to brace themselves for survival. This is the most unpopular and almost a taboo in modern politics.

The Vice-President is looking at the invoices on government fuel consumption. Now that is a change that is sure to put some thorns in the comfort seats of many users of government vehicle. This is one of the legitimized sources of abuse and one of the biggest losses of money in the millions every year for our government for so long and nobody dares to address. Kudos to VP. I would have done the same and may be that is the comfort zone Obama is talking about.

In case you can imagine only eating manna (Morinaga Brand), this is the time to be satisfied just to have something to sustain your strength and not so much the taste to your palates’ desire or fill to your bellies’ content. This is what Obama is calling us to do. Poor guy and he is the President of the great US of A the land of milk and honey. Or is it opportunity and money? And he got Israelites, who are probably the shrewdest businessmen on the planet, in New York on his back like those who were on Moses’ back.

Work more for less pay is not such a bad strategy after all. Most if not all of the forefathers of the world countries built their nations with little or no compensation. Obamacare is the renaissance of that leadership of yester-years gone by that was/is befitting in nation building. And we need it more than ever. Any leaders in the comfort of a crowd would like to step forward? No radio personalities please!

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