Uidechetemel (Sticky Ground)

By Santy Asanuma

Why can’t anyone come and let us know what heaven is like? All the people that have died and gone to heaven must dearly love someone here on earth to try and make contact with them to let them know. My brother who died in 1977 and my father in 2004 should have tried to contact me. Heaven is Uidechetemel (sticky ground) I am beginning to believe. Just like here in Palau, when we sent someone to get words or bring the person to us and he or she never returns to let us know. We would say that he or she has gone to Uidechetemel. Whatever is on the other side must be more worthy of attention and interest. Nonetheless, I am sure our deceased loved ones are sending messages to us but we are not programmed to receive.

Allow me to offer you a worldly explanation using illustrations of communication not from heaven to earth but between mere humans. Above all, communication among Palauans. In a nationally staged Economic Symposium 2006, one minister (I removed his name because of bias many of us will not receive his message) insisted that, if the money allocated to Ministry of Health and Ministry of Justice will be invested in the education of our children, they will learn how to be healthy in schools and avoid sickness and going to hospital entirely to save the Republic millions of dollars in health care in return.

This is in line with our new national health policy: preventive health is to better inform people to live healthy lifestyle. But every year the number of diabetes and kidney failures keeps increasing. Hospital cannot afford to operate at the level we want it to be because we do not have enough money to cure lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure, cancer from tobacco, and injuries from accidents associated with alcohol injuries. These are what you can call diseases of choice.

Anybody out there listening? Eat and drink healthy and exercise and avoid risky lifestyle. Yes, promiscuity (diousechelei er tiei me tiei) is playing the Russian roulette with STI’s including HIV/AIDS on the rise. And you got to be joking. Turkey tails must be the evil conspiracy to wipe out the Palauan race with heart attacks and strokes. Any lawmaker who wants to save not only public money but our lives should introduce a law banning this greasy heart and brain busting food from entering into Palau. It is number 20 OEK duties listed in the Constitution to secure the welfare of the people. It is mind bugling as if people from the top to bottom are not thinking.

And this has finally contaminated our children. For many years all ready our students have been tested on SAT10 and majority of our children are failing these two critical human traits listening and thinking. How in the world we are going to develop this country with future work force and leaders who do not care much to listen let alone think. This is serious problem and it has been announced in many public gatherings and various meetings that I have attended. But no click in the crowd. Don’t blame the children because they came from the same manufacturer. The grown ups should do first.

For those who blame the dead from Uidechetemel for not telling us better start listening to the living first. And throw in a bit of thinking too. But as for the believers, you are lucky than most mortals as you have a direct link https://Jesus to heaven. He left us volumes to read, listen to, and think about in the Bible. I guess we cannot blame God for not sending someone to tell us. Happy Easter to one and all.

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