The Truth Shall Prevail

By Jackson Henry

When conflict erupts, the truth is the first casualty. Truth is simply the absence of falsehood. However, removing falsehood in business conflicts poses a challenge especially when the economic stakes are high. Although morally, we know that the truth will prevail, it is the initial distortion of the truth where the maximum damages occur. By the time the smoke clears and the public see the flag of truth flying high, we realize that the battlefield is littered with bodies and destruction. The danger lies when falsehood first wreaks havoc on innocent people before the truth emerges. 

We see a lot of this today in Palauan politics and business because they easily grab newspaper headlines. In business, some disputes are kept under the carpet because no matter how we humans obfuscate the facts, the monetary cost of proving the truths is factor.

John Locke once said, “Truth is self evident”, it does not need to be proven or disproven. In business, truth and facts are inseparable. It must be verified by empirical evidence. While others claim that truth is relative and subjective, truth is objective and absolute in the business world. It is the very reason why contracts are signed, receipts are prepared and a notary public is there to witness the person signing the documents to confirm that the executor was present and that he signed it under his free will and deed.

In the business of high finance and complex real estate development projects, there is high probability of someone being used as object of falsehood as means to cover up shady dealings, illegal contracts and unethical business practices. The truth is twisted using false receipts and documents to serve as smoke screen to detract the onlookers from seeing the truth. It is the more reason why you need to know your business partner’s background and be sure that he is transparent.

Being in the banking and real estate business for 25 years, both in Palau and Guam, I have seen many who twist the truth by falsifying documents just to make a buck. Recently, a client whom I assisted obtained land in Palau has turned against me by using smear tactic that I obtained a sizable payments from them. This is not true and for a sophistical company they claim to be, they have no proofs. You begin to wonder what their motives are. Is it to cover up their illegal land sub-leases or are they blowing smoke as a detraction so they avoid paying fees due to my company.  I subscribe to the saying, “never bend to any threats or cower to falsehood”. In due time, the truth will emerge.

Mark my words, no one can use intimidation to cloud the truth. Eventually, like it always does, the truth will conquer falsehood. When it does, the house of cards built on falsehood will come crashing down and the truth shall prevail.

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