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October 22, 2007

Palau government promotes alcohol drinking in sponsored events

Over the weekend, Palau was busy bustling over our 13th Independence Day Celebrations. These celebrations began on Friday September 28th and continued until Monday October 1st. There were many activities to join in for everyone.

The Ministry of Health assisted in setting the pace for this year’s celebration by overseeing the Healthy Lifestyle Fair in Bethlehem Park for most of Friday the 28th of September while other government agencies contributed their efforts to reduce waste by participating in the Walk and Pick activity spearheaded by the Environmental & Conservation Committee. Saturday saw a flurry of activities at pre-dawn that began at the Palau Community College parking lot where busses waited and bused walkers, runners, and supporters to designated spots for the marathon, walk-a-thon, and bike-athon.

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October 6, 2007

A Manifesto for Micronesian Diasporas: Heeding Leaders’ Calls, Doing our Best to Assist Nation-Building at Home

Our leaders’ appeals at the United Nations this week

The 62nd session of the United Nations General Assembly will end tomorrow (Sept 25-Oct 3, 2007), but the presidents of FSM and RMI and the vice president of Belau/Palau have all addressed the General Assembly. FSM President Emanuel Mori, RMI President Kessai Note, and Belau/Palau Vice President Elias Camsek Chin addressed the UN General Assembly on behalf of our governments (See leaders’ speeches here: )

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