A Giant of a Man!!

Our State of Melekeok and its people are in a state of mourning this week with a passing of our Speaker, Mr. Ubal Tellei. Words aren’t enough to describe this humble man and his contributions to our State’s development over the years. Men like him and my Father Ruluked Johanes, the departed Kodep Brell,Elechuus brothers,Thomas Tellei and many more will be remembered as the Founding Fathers of our State. Their hard work and contributions are what defines us as people and as a state. We respect and care about each other because they did, We are proud of our rich history and strong heritage because they did, We are now the nerve center of all of Palau because of their foresight and vision many years ago.

My tribute to this man is to share an experience i had with him in the summer of 95. I gave him a ride from Melkeok to Koror and the road was pretty bad so we were slipping and sliding all over the place. After a while he started telling me when to brake and steer right or left and so on. When we finally got to KB Bridge, he smiled and reclined his seat and said, ” Dont worry, I wont tell anyone i taught you how to drive in the dirt especially your father”. It was funny the way he said it yet he showed confidence thats pretty amazing for a man who doesn’t even know how to drive. He was well known in our state for his high pitched voice that was unique in its authority yet showed caring and concern even for the youngest in our state.

So, to his wife and children, My condolences to you for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time. Please take comfort in knowing that while he was known to you as simply a Husband and a Father, Our state and its people will long remember him as a Giant of a man who made our state what it is today. And finally, Mr Speaka, May our good lord welcome you unto his kingdom, Rest peacefully because you certainly deserve it, and i hope there’s somebody for you to yell at in heaven.:) … a very warm and farewell goodbye Sir!

By Soul (Leslie Johanes)


One Comment to “A Giant of a Man!!”

  1. Hi,

    My condolences to the family and the entire village. My prayers to the family and I may his soul rest in peace. God be with the family, protect them from harm, sickness, and ease their pain during this hard times.

    Hera Subediang Ogo

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